Apply For Fall 2017 Student Blogger Program: ISEP Voices

July 28, 2017

ISEP Voices is our highly-selected student blogger program aimed to capture unique stories from a diverse set of ISEP students from all over the world. We highlight students that offer a wide range of perspectives not normally featured in mainstream media. Students selected have backgrounds that include being from underrepresented fields of study in study abroad, like STEM, to being, first-generation college students, LGBTQ, male, ethnically or racially diverse, disabled, etc.

Apply by August 11, 2017

How can referring students help your university?

Referring students to participate in ISEP Voices helps publicize the student experience on your campus. Student blogs are featured on our website and social media.

Are you interested in reading past blogs?

You can get to know our last cohort of ISEP Voices bloggers, who’ve shared stories, advice and reflections from their time abroad.

Blogging is a great way for students to document their time abroad, and participation in ISEP Voices can count as a service project for many scholarships. In return for blogging, students will have the opportunity to build a creative portfolio and receive professional development training throughout the course of the semester.

Application Requirements:

  • Students must be studying with ISEP in 2017
  • Students must submit at least one blog entry per month and have regular access to the internet that is capable of transmitting content back to ISEP.
  • Participation in the ISEP Voices Program is voluntary and no monetary compensation will be provided for participants.
  • ISEP reserves the right to edit any submissions to the ISEP Student Blog, including text, images, video and media and to use any submissions on its websites, social media and promotional materials.
  • Not all applicants will be selected.

Apply Today

Applications for Fall 2017 cohort due August 11, 2017

Apply to be an ISEP Blogger

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