We are very excited to continue our video storytelling program: ISEP in Action!

ISEP in Action vloggers are the vision and voice of ISEP and act as ambassadors for both their home and host cultures. The goal of this professional development program is to elevate the stories of our diverse community of students all over the world by:

  • Collecting high-quality video footage that showcases ISEP member universities, academic experiences abroad, host countries and their cultures and the transformative and personal journey of studying abroad

  • Mentoring vloggers in a professional development program to build creative and technical storytelling and digital media skills

  • Collaborating with ISEP staff and other ISEP students to curate and produce professional-level video content

We utilize an exciting online video platform, Cinebody, to manage the program. Students must be able to access Cinebody through their smartphone or computer to participate.


We are looking for creative and motivated ISEP students that will enthusiastically bring their vision to life by filming and submitting clips of their experience throughout the semester.

Applicants must be passionate about storytelling, digital media and excited to learn or improve their technical video skills. Prior experience is not a requirement and we welcome all interested and qualified students! Students with experience vlogging or making videos with samples of their work are strongly encouraged to apply. If you are already an active vlogger, this program can be a great way to structure your vlogging practice, improve your skills and gain experience and production credits.

All student stories are unique! You are especially encouraged to apply if you an underrepresented voice in study abroad including, but not limited to: first-generation university students, LGBTQ students, active military or veterans, ethnic/racial or religious minorities, students with a disability, students studying another language, STEM or education.


Vlogging is a great way to document your time abroad, and learning how to film quality video footage throughout the semester will prepare you to successfully create your own video content, whether it’s a collection of exciting clips, a series of vlogs about your experience or even a short film. In addition, your video projects will make an excellent submission for our upcoming ISEP Video Contest!

As a unique selective professional development program through the world’s largest study abroad and exchange student community, you will build skills and have a great addition to your resume. In return for filming and vlogging, you’ll have the opportunity to build a creative portfolio and receive training throughout the course of the semester. The vlogger program also gives you the chance to connect and collaborate with other creative ISEP students from around the world.

Successful ISEP in Action participants will have their work shared and promoted through ISEP media: the monthly ISEP in Action reel, our blog, website, and social media channels. Students will receive production credits and a certificate of recognition upon successful completion of the program.


  • You must apply for the semester that you will be studying abroad with ISEP.
  • You must have either: 1) a smartphone that records high-quality video (iPhones tend to work best with the Cinebody application), or 2) a high-quality camera and a computer with access to submit clips through Cinebody online.
  • You must have regular access to internet that is capable of transmitting content back to ISEP.
  • You must participate every month by submitting the requested brief video clips that are appropriate to the program’s projects.
  • Participation in the ISEP in Action Program is voluntary and no monetary compensation will be provided for participants.
  • ISEP reserves the right to edit any video submissions and to use any content submitted to the program on its websites, social media and promotional materials (see Terms of Use and Privacy Policy).
  • Not all applicants will be selected.


  • The ability to edit and produce videos is not required for this program. ISEP is unable to provide students with video editing software, but will provide tips and training.
  • The ISEP in Action vlogger program is independent from the ISEP Voices blogger program, but video content produced by vlogger participants may be published to the ISEP blog.


Applications are now closed for Spring 2020.

The application consists of an online form of short questions, up to 3 samples of video clips OR photography, AND a brief, 1-3 minute informal vlog introducing yourself that will be submitted to Cinebody *separately from the application form.* (Instructions are in the online application.) *Applications are incomplete without submitting the required application vlog on Cinebody and cannot be considered.* Apply now to be an ISEP in Action student vlogger! **Deadline: Sunday, February 23, 2020 at 11:59 p.m. EST.**