Join the ISEP community for constructive conversations on moving forward together during COVID-19! Featuring panels, training sessions, and a virtual open house, the ISEP Coordinator Workshop provides a time for us to learn from each other, connect on our shared successes and challenges, and build deeper partnerships.

There is no cost to attend for ISEP Members & Affiliates.


Detailed agenda available here.

All sessions will be recorded and shared with the ISEP community.


11 AM EST| 16:00 UTC
Alternative: 9 PM EST | 2:00 UTC
ISEP Coordinator Training
Ideal for both new coordinators and those seeking a refresher, this session will go over the basics of the ISEP student journey and prepare you to masterfully navigate the ISEP website and review student applications in the ISEP Portal. Experienced ISEP Coordinators will join the session to answer your questions and share their tips for advising students on ISEP programs.

6 PM EST| 23:00 UTC
US Dept. of State Summit: The Future of International Education in the Pacific
This conversation between higher education leaders and government officials from Australia, Fiji, New Zealand and the United States will focus on practical ways that we can shape the future of international education. This webinar is part of the “Internationalization of Higher Education in the COVID-19 Era” series organized in collaboration with the Department of State’s USA Study Abroad branch, the Fulbright Finland Foundation, AIEA and ISEP. Please register here.


10 AM EST | 15:00 UTC
Our Shared Commitment: Global Perspectives on Welcoming ISEP Students to Our Campuses
In this session ISEP members from around the world will share their best practices for hosting ISEP students and supporting the student experience.

11 AM EST | 16:00 UTC
Mobilizing & Supporting Under-Represented Students
Moderated by ISEP President & CEO John Lucas, Ph.D., in this panel you will hear from ISEP institutions about how they are working on inclusive practices to mobilize underrepresented students and diversify their campuses.

1 PM EST | 18:00 UTC
Moving Forward: Health & Safety Lessons from COVID-19
What have we learned during a global pandemic? ISEP Health & Safety Taskforce Chair Zach Tobin will review the ISEP response, and how lessons from this year are guiding ISEP now. Select ISEP members will also share their stories and response from 2020.

2:15 PM EST | 19:15 UTC
DEMO: ISEP Community Course Mapping and Syllabi Tool
ISEP staff will demo a new searchable syllabi bank and course equivalency tool and seek input and suggestions from ISEP coordinators.

3 PM EST | 20:00 UTC
Reframing Student Expectations: Using the ISEP Model to Decolonize Study Abroad
The ISEP model offers students an authentic experience—but they aren’t always fully prepared to live like a local. In this session, we will explore how the ISEP model strives to decolonize study abroad, and how setting realistic student expectations enables the ISEP model to succeed.

9 PM EST | 2:00 UTC
(Thursday, November 19 - 9 AM Bangkok | 10 AM Taipei | 11 AM Seoul & Tokyo | 1 PM Sydney | 3 PM Auckland)
Leveraging ISEP to Prepare Students for International Careers
Students are increasingly interested in leveraging their student experience for a wider variety of career options, and for more successful career opportunities in the field they choose. In this session we will discuss how an ISEP experience gives students a competitive edge in securing international positions after graduation.


9 AM - 5 PM EST | 14:00 - 22:00 UTC
Virtual Open Houses
During the virtual open houses, you can stop by to learn more about programs and universities in each region. University Relations Managers will be available to answer questions and share resources, and guest ISEP host institutions will join to talk about their programs.

U.S. Regional Open House - 9 AM EST | 14:00 UTC

Africa & The Middle East Open House - 10 AM EST | 15:00 UTC

Europe Open House - 11 AM EST | 16:00 UTC

ISEP Member Celebration & Trivia - 12 PM EST | 17:00 UTC

Internships for 2021 & Beyond - 1:30 EST | 17:30 UTC

Latin America Open House - 2 PM EST | 19:00 UTC

Asia Open House - 3 PM EST | 20:00 UTC

Australia, New Zealand, & Fiji Open House - 4 PM EST | 21:00 UTC