Students and alumni of ISEP programs in the United States are eligible to apply and participate in the Institute of International Education’s Global Experience & Training Program. By participating in an IIE GET Program in the U.S., you will experience hands-on training in your field to help you stand out in today’s global job market. Not only will you have access to internships and innovative research, all GET Programs are comprehensive and include activities and events to make the most of your time in the U.S.

GET Program Locations

IIE offers GET Programs in partnership with host universities across the U.S. Check out their summer 2017 opportunities.

University Program/Duration Application Due
Loyola University of Chicago May 15 – July 7, 2017 April 10, 2017
University of Arkansas May 21 – July 29, 2017 April 16, 2017
Illinois Institute of Technology Program A: May 21 – June 30, 2017 April 16, 2017
University of Arizona June 3 – August 10, 2017 April 29, 2017
Illinois Institute of Technology Program B: June 4 – July 14, 2017 April 30, 2017
University of New Orleans June 5 – July 28, 2017 May 1, 2017
New Jersey Institute of Technology June 5 – July 29, 2017 May 1, 2017
University of Tennessee, Knoxville Lean + Leadership Program: June 5 – August 2, 2017 May 1, 2017
Temple University June 19 – August 1, 2017 May 15, 2017
University of Tennessee, Knoxville Lean Program: June 27 – August 2, 2017 May 23, 2017

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What’s Included in a GET Program?

Housing, meals, tuition or program fees for participation and a J-1 visa sponsorship are included. J-1 visa compliant insurance is arranged by IIE and included in the program’s total cost. The I-901 SEVIS fee (or other J-1 visa related fees) and travel will be assumed by the participant.

GET Program opportunities include a combination of some or all of these activities:

  • Hands-on research
  • Laboratory time
  • Mentorship
  • Industry-focused lectures
  • Visits to companies and organizations relevant or influential in your field

As an IIE GET Program participant, you will be supervised by a professional in your field and receive specific guidance and training related to your academic and professional goals and objectives. You will live on-campus.

Along with research and career-related opportunities, participants will be immersed in cultural experiences such as visits to museum exhibits, field trips to U.S. landmarks, recreational activities, theater and musical productions, and national holiday events.

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Program Eligibility

ISEP students and alumni from outside the U.S. are eligible to apply to the IIE GET Program.

  • For current ISEP students accepted into the IIE GET Program, your visa will be extended and ISEP will remain your sponsor throughout the program. Your IIE GET Program must commence within 30 days of when your current visa expires.

  • For ISEP alumni, you are eligible to apply under the professor or research scholar category of visa sponsorship under the following condition: the date you arrive in the U.S. for your program will be more than 12 months since you left the U.S. on your ISEP J-1 sponsored visa. (For example, for programs starting on June 1, 2017, you must have left the U.S. on or before May 31, 2016).

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Program Duration and Commitment

Opportunities are full time, requiring 30+ hours of work per week, and can range from four weeks to 16 weeks in duration.


How to Apply

The first step of the process is to submit a brief application. Upon acceptance to the GET Program, you will receive access to IIE’s online database of GET Program opportunities. These opportunities include listings from IIE’s partner institutions, and all relevant details (including the field, length and cost of program). You will be able to review all listed opportunities, and submit your application and materials to each one that you are interested in. IIE’s partner institutions will review your applications and select participants that meet their criteria. If you are selected for an opportunity, IIE and ISEP will work with you to initiate the visa sponsorship application.

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