Annalena Wilder

Student Blogger

Hi - welcome to my page! My name is Annalena (obviously...I know you can read my name up there...but it feels weird not introducing myself). I come from the great state of Virginia and attend the one and only, Virginia Tech. I am studying abroad in the Netherlands and I attend Radboud University, a school located in the city of Nijmegen. I've always had the travel bug, and I'm so excited for the opportunities of travel that studying abroad provides. Not only am I excited to seek out the uniqueness of foreign towns and countries, but I'm thrilled to simply be in a country close to my heart. My mom was a Dutch exchange student who traveled to the U.S., met my dad and then ended up staying there to raise a family. I guess I'm taking a similar path, except for the 'living here forever' part. My mom has given me a number of warnings that I better not leave the U.S. for longer than a semester. I'm scared to challenge that. Instead, I look forward to taking advantage of every moment I have in this crazy land of cheese and windmills and clogs. Bring on the cheese!