Our Team

Tavon Cooke

Project Manager for Alumni Engagement and Member Relations

Tavon joined the ISEP team in July 2022 as a U.S. Department of State Eagleburger Fellow. Excited to return to the international education arena, Tavon will support both the Member Relations and Alumni Engagement teams and their initiatives. He welcomes any ISEP alumni looking to reconnect to reach out to him! As a Foreign Service Officer, Tavon has served in a number of roles related to international education, including those focusing on F, M, and J visas, promoting EducationUSA throughout Iraq and Montenegro, and by working with countless students inside and outside the United States interested in pursuing education abroad opportunities. Prior to government service, Tavon worked in various other positions in education and human services, both in Baltimore and St. Petersburg (Russia), aimed at uplifting and empowering local voices and communities. In his spare time, Tavon enjoys walking around town for hours, getting to know what’s around him, pet sitting, time in nature, and road trips. He also spends way too much time cooking and baking, and catching up on anime he has missed out on over the past few years.