Through June 30, 2020 we are waiving our application fee for new applicants to these programs.

Below you will find the ISEP Direct application deadlines for Northern Hemisphere fall 2020 (typically August-December, but varies by program).

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Deadlines are subject to change

## February 15 Deadline [Chitkara University, **India**]( [Symbiosis University, **India**]( ## February 20 Deadline [Toyo University, **Japan**]( ## February 26 Deadline [American University in Bulgaria, **Bulgaria**]( ## March 1 Deadline [American University of Sharjah, **United Arab Emirates**]( [Universidad Católica de Córdoba, **Argentina**]( ## March 15 Deadline [Deakin University, **Australia**]( [Leiden University, **Netherlands**]( [Western Carolina University, **North Carolina, U.S.**]( - **NEW ISEP DIRECT PROGRAM!** ## April 1 Deadline [Tokyo International University, **Japan**]( [University of Tartu, **Estonia**]( [University of Waikato, **New Zealand**]( ## April 8 Deadline [Université Paul-Valéry Montpellier 3, **France** - French Language & Culture Program]( ## April 15 Deadline [University of Auckland, **New Zealand**]( *Meal Plan Included* - **[SCHOLARSHIPS AVAILABLE](/planning/finances/study-abroad-scholarships/university-of-auckland-scholarship)** [Massey University, **New Zealand**]( [Central Queensland University, **Australia**]( [University of Johannesburg, **South Africa**]( [EARTH University, **Costa Rica** - Integrated Courses in Spanish]( [Ewha Womans University, **South Korea**]( [Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado, **Brazil**]( [Grupo de Kansas at Universidad de Costa Rica, **Costa Rica**]( [Kansai Gaidai University, **Japan** - Asian Studies Program]( [La Trobe University, **Australia**]( [NMIT, **New Zealand**]( [Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso, **Chile**]( [Universidad Blas Pascal, **Argentina**]( [Universidad Católica del Uruguay, **Uruguay**]( [Universidad de Monterrey, **Mexico**]( - **NEW ISEP DIRECT PROGRAM!** [Universidad de Murcia, **Spain**]( [Universidad de Palermo, **Argentina**]( [Universidad del Salvador, **Argentina**]( [Université Savoie Mont Blanc, **France** - French Language & Culture Program]( [University of Canberra, **Australia**]( [University of Central Lancashire, **England, United Kingdom**]( [University of the South Pacific, **Fiji**]( [Vesalius College, **Belgium**]( [Western Sydney University, **Australia**]( ## April 17 Deadline [Leiden University, **Netherlands**]( [Masaryk University, **Czech Republic**]( ## May 1 Deadline [Cal State University, San Marcos, **California, United States**]( - **REDUCED PRICE** [Edinburgh Napier University, **Scotland, United Kingdom**]( [Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, **Italy**]( [Università degli Studi di Urbino Carlo Bo, **Italy**]( [University of Malta, **Malta**]( [University of Strathclyde, **Scotland, United Kingdom**]( - **NEW ISEP DIRECT PROGRAM!** [University of Technology Sydney, **Australia**]( ## May 15 Deadline [Universitat Pompeu Fabra, **Spain**]( - **NEW ISEP DIRECT PROGRAM!** [Nottingham Trent University, **England, United Kingdom**]( [Saint Peter’s University, **New Jersey, United States**]( - **NEW ISEP DIRECT PROGRAM!**

[Thammasat University, **Thailand**]( [Ulster University, **Northern Ireland, United Kingdom**]( [University of Bradford, **England, United Kingdom**]( [University of Chester, **England, United Kingdom**]( [University of Essex, **England, United Kingdom**]( [University of Plymouth, **England, United Kingdom**]( [University of Roehampton, **England, United Kingdom**]( [University of Southern Queensland, **Australia**]( [University of Sunderland, **England, United Kingdom**]( ## May 26 Deadline [International University, Vietnam National University Ho Chi Minh City, **Vietnam**]( ## May 30 Deadline [University of Botswana, **Botswana**]( ## June 1 Deadline [London Metropolitan University, **England, U.K.**]( - **NEW ISEP DIRECT PROGRAM!** [Philipps-Universität Marburg, **Germany** - International Undergraduate Study Program](

## June 10 Deadline [San Jose State University, **California, United States**]( - **NEW ISEP DIRECT PROGRAM!** ## June 15 Deadline [Udayana University, **Indonesia** - The Bali International Program on Asian Studies]( [University Putra Malaysia, **Malaysia**]( - **NEW ISEP DIRECT PROGRAM!** ## July 1 Deadline [University of Ghana, **Ghana** - Global Engagement Program]( - **STUDY & VOLUNTEER** [University of Roehampton, **England, United Kingdom**](

July 15 Deadline

American College of Thessaloniki, Greece

Shanghai University, China - China Studies Program

## July 30 Deadline [CEDEI, **Ecuador** - Semester in the Andes](

August 1 Deadline

University of New York in Prague, Czech Republic - NEW ISEP DIRECT PROGRAM!