Below you will find the ISEP Direct application deadlines for Northern Hemisphere Summer 2021 (typically June-August, but varies by program).

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# Full-time Internship Deadlines ## Rolling Deadlines [Full-Time Internships Abroad]( in **Bangkok, Barcelona, Dublin, Hong Kong, Los Angeles London, Madrid, Medellín, Melbourne, New York City, Paris, Sanitago, Shanghai, Tokyo** and **Toronto.**

Summer Program Deadlines

## February 15 Deadline [Intensive Japanese Language (4 or 8 weeks) – Nanzan University]( in **Japan** ## March 12 Deadline [Summer Session]( in **Prague, Czech Republic**

## March 15 Deadline [Sustainable Summer Sessions, EARTH University]( in **Costa Rica** [Integrated Courses in Spanish, Summer Semester, EARTH University]( in **Costa Rica** [National Expedition and Internship: Disaster Risk and Emergency Management – Massey University]( in **New Zealand** [CzechMates Summer Internship]( in **Czech Republic** [CzechMates Summer – Global Perspectives + Internship]( in **Czech Republic** [Global Perspective: Media, Communication & Culture (Maymester)]( in **Czech Republic** [Accademia dell'Arte: Summer Physical Theatre Intensive]( in **Italy** ## March 21 Deadline [Summer Service Learning or Internship in Dakar]( in **Senegal** ## April 1 Deadline [Summer Session with Internship – Brussels School of Governance]( in **Brussels** [Summer Spanish Language Intensive in San Jose]( in **Costa Rica** [Summer Session – Al Akhawayn University]( in **Morocco** [Chinese Language, Culture & Business – Providence University]( in **Taiwan** | Under US$4,000! ## April 10 Deadline [International Summer School]( in **Hong Kong** ## April 15 Deadline [Summer Internship (in Spanish), EARTH University]( in **Costa Rica** [Summer Spanish Language Courses, EARTH University]( in **Costa Rica** [Summer Brazilian Language (Portuguese), History & Culture – FAAP]( in **São Paolo, Brazil** [Yonsei International Summer School]( in **Seoul, South Korea** [Summer French Language Intensive & Recreation Program in the French Alps – Université Savoie Mont Blanc]( in **France** [Buddhism and Thai Society Summer Program – Thammasat University]( in **Bangkok** [Summer Sessions in Italy – Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore]( in **Milan, Piacenza and Rome** | Under US$4,000! [German Language & Social Sciences Summer Studies]( in **Germany** | Under US$4,000! [Hanyang International Summer School]( in **Seoul, South Korea** [Teach English, Learn Spanish Summer Program – Universidad de Vigo]( in **Spain** [Arabic Language and Culture (SINARC)]( in **Beirut, Lebanon** [Focus on Europe Summer Session without Internship]( in **Brussels, Belgium** ## April 27 Deadline [International Summer School – University of Roehampton]( in **London, England, U.K.**

May 1 Deadline

[Spanish Language & Argentine Culture]( in **Argentina** [Atacama Immersion Program]( in **Chile** [Summer in San José: Spanish & Health in Latin America]( in **Costa Rica** [iSummerMX]( in **Mexico** [Spanish Language & Culture]( in **Spain**

## May 15 Deadline

[French Language, Heritage & History]( in **France** | Under US$4,000! [Summer French Language Intensive]( in **France** | Under US$4,000! [Summer Semester, American College of Thessaloniki]( in **Greece**

Business, Culture & Entrepreneurship in Bali in Bali, Indonesia | Under US$4,000!

Barcelona International Summer School (BISS) at Universitat Pompeu Fabra in Spain

## May 16 Deadline

[Germany & Europe in a Turbulent World: History, Politics, Society, and Culture]( in **Germany**

## SUMMER PROGRAMS ONLINE ### May 22 Deadline **[European Business & Political Science Virtual Summer](** Brussels School of Governance in Brussels, Belgium ### June 1 Deadline **[Mandarin, Business & Taiwanese Culture Virtual Summer](** Providence University in Taichung, Taiwan **[Experiential Spanish Language & Culture Hybrid Program](** Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso in Chile ### June 5 Deadline **[Spanish Language & Argentine Culture Virtual Summer Program](** Universidad Blas Pascal in Córdoba, Argentina ### June 15 Deadline **[Latin American Health Care & Development Studies Online](** International Center for Development Studies (ICDS) in San José, Costa Rica **[Online Summer at American College of Thessaloniki](** American College of Thessaloniki (ACT) in Greece —
*Details coming soon for additional programs moving online:* [Barcelona International Summer School (BISS) at Universitat Pompeu Fabra]( in **Spain** [University Classes and/or Intensive English Pathway]( in **San Marcos, California**