Through June 30, 2020 we are waiving our application fee for new applicants to these programs.

Below you will find the ISEP Direct application deadlines for Northern Hemisphere Summer 2020 (typically June-August, but varies by program).

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Deadlines are subject to change

## Full-time Internship Deadlines ### March 13 [Full-Time Internships Abroad]( in **Dublin, London, New York City, Paris, San Jose,** and **Washington D.C.** ### March 27 [Full-Time Internships Abroad]( in **Barcelona, Berlin, Florence, Madrid, Milan, Rome,** and **Sydney.** *[Full-time internships]( in Bangkok, Hong Kong, Medellín, Melbourne, Santiago, and Tokyo have flexible program dates and rolling deadlines*

## March 15 Deadline [Sustainable Summer Sessions, EARTH University]( in **Costa Rica** [Integrated Courses in Spanish, Summer Semester, EARTH University]( in **Costa Rica** [Global Perspective: Media, Communication & Culture (Maymester)]( in **Czech Republic** [CzechMates Summer Internship]( in **Czech Republic** [CzechMates Summer – Global Perspectives + Internship]( in **Czech Republic** [Accademia dell'Arte: Summer Physical Theatre Intensive]( in **Italy** ## March 21 Deadline [Summer Service Learning or Internship in Dakar]( in **Senegal** ## April 1 Deadline [Focus on Europe Summer Session with Internship]( in **Brussels, Belgium** [Summer Spanish Language Intensive in San Jose]( in **Costa Rica** [Arabic and North Africa Studies]( in **Morocco** [Chinese Language, Culture & Business]( in **Taiwan**

April 15 Deadline

[Summer Internship (in Spanish), EARTH University]( in **Costa Rica** [Summer Spanish Language Institute, EARTH University]( in **Costa Rica**

Summer Brazilian Language (Portugese), History & Culture in São Paolo, Brazil

[Summer French Intensive & Recreation Program in the French Alps]( in **France** [Hanyang International Summer School]( in **Seoul, South Korea**

Teach English, Learn Spanish Summer Program in Spain

Arabic Language and Culture (SINARC) in Beirut, Lebanon

Focus on Europe Summer Session without Internship in Brussels, Belgium

May 1 Deadline

International Summer School, University of Roehampton in London, England, U.K.

Barcelona International Summer School (BISS) at Universitat Pompeu Fabra in Spain

University Classes and/or Intensive English Pathway in San Marcos, California

Spanish Language & Argentine Culture in Argentina

Atacama Immersion Program in Chile

Spanish Language & Chilean Culture in Chile

Summer in San José: Spanish & Health in Latin America in Costa Rica

[iSummerMX]( – [Aeronautics](, [Global Business](, or [Marketing Insights]( in **Mexico**

Spanish Language & Culture in Spain

[French Language, Heritage & Culture]( in **France**

Summer Semester, American College of Thessaloniki in Greece

Business, Culture & Entrepreneurship in Bali in Bali, Indonesia

## May 24 Deadline [Germany & Europe in a Turbulent World: History, Politics, Society, and Culture]( in **Germany**