Providence University in Taichung, Taiwan is now offering its Chinese Language, Culture and Business Program online in 4-week and 6-week options. Instruction will focus on balanced development for listening, speaking, reading and writing Mandarin, as well as providing contextual exposure to Taiwanese culture particularly within the context of business doing business in Asia.

This summer course helps the learner speak fluent Chinese language in real situational daily dialogues while studying Taiwanese culture and business.

Providence University assists students in the development of global awareness, lifelong values, service learning, research and critical thinking skills in academic areas to encourage social responsibility.

Interactive Experiences

  • An online Museum can be explored through the PU online art center.
  • An online Cooking experience (to cook Taiwanese food at home), students can make Taiwanese cuisine at home by following the recipe and live instructions from the host.

Course Information

4-week program (4 U.S. credits) 6-week program (6 U.S. credits)
3 credits Chinese language 4 credits Chinese language
1 credit business & culture 2 credits business & culture

The program consists of live online classes of Mandarin language and Taiwanese business and culture:

Mandarin language program (up 60 hours)

This course helps the learner speak fluent Chinese language in real situational daily dialogues. Basic, intermediate and advanced levels are available.

Taiwanese culture & business courses (up to 30 hours)

There are professional and interesting lectures on three specific topics in a variety of different areas and will include 6 modules for the 6-week program:

  • Folksong, Legends, and Traditional Performance Arts
  • Temples in Taiwan
  • Chinese Philosophy and Relationships among People in Taiwan
  • Intercultural Communication Snapshots for Doing Business in Asia
  • Cross-Cultural Management: Overview of the facts and statistics among Taiwan’s economic development
  • Cross-Cultural Management: People, society, languages and cultures for the concepts of face in Taiwan

Dates & Pricing

4-week program 6-week program
July 1 – July 29, 2020 July 1 – August 13, 2020
US$2,000 US$2,500

Completed applications are due June 1, 2020.

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