Make a difference in local communities through non-profit organizations based in Barcelona and enhance your resume from wherever you are with ISEP’s Virtual Service Learning Program. Learn about Spanish culture and social issues in Barcelona while gaining intercultural competence and remote work skills, which are critical in today’s global world.

Our resident director in Barcelona provides guidance and support to participants throughout the program, facilitating cultural online sessions and being available for questions and assistance. You will also be assigned a supervisor at the chosen organization.

Virtual service learning is a great way to earn meaningful international work experience while gaining first-hand insight into communities with a different cultural context.

If you are planning on studying abroad in Barcelona in the near future, virtual service learning is a fantastic way to initiate contact with the culture and collaborate with local people.

Though Spanish language competency will open up more opportunities, this service learning experience is open to students of all levels of Spanish.


Applications are due by November 30, 2020.

Program Dates: January 18 – March 31

Students will be required to complete a minimum of 30 hours. The number of hours per week will depend on the specific organization’s needs but will average 3-5 hours per week.

Program Fee


Program fee includes:

  • Personalized support in your project selection and throughout your program
  • International work experience with a leading service organization
  • Training and project supervision
  • Cross-cultural training sessions
  • Certificate upon successful completion of volunteer program
  • Reference letter from ISEP and participating organization
  • Access to ISEP’s alumni network of 1,500+ members, providing connections, job coaching, graduate school application advice, and even job placement

To learn more, please contact Maria Mateu, ISEP Resident Director in Barcelona, at

Service Learning Opportunities

You can work at one of the following service organizations in various fields. Each organization has different needs and requirements in terms of skills, knowledge of Spanish language and commitment.

Oxfam International – Climate Change Department

Oxfam is a global development organization that mobilizes peoples’ power to fight poverty and inequality. The organization is developing an international climate change resilience initiative.

Requirements: Advanced English skills, interest in climate change and some experience in communication strategies; interview required.

Ways you’ll contribute:

  • Assist in developing internal communication products for the Climate Change initiative.

T-Oigo – Program Allies in English

T-Oigo supports families and children with hearing loss to promote total inclusion in society and enhance English language skills.

Requirements: Native or advanced English skills

Ways you’ll contribute:

  • English language learning for children and teenagers
  • Video and material editing

Melting Pot Cooking Barcelona

This social impact organization fosters intercultural relations through food and cooking and supports people in risk of exclusion to become entrepreneurs in the cooking sector.

Requirements: Advanced English skills for some tasks. Intermediate Spanish for translation tasks.

Ways you’ll contribute:

  • Social media management
  • Translations of documents into English
  • Research of similar projects in the other countries.

SJD Solidarity

The organization supports marginalized populations, including those dealing with issues of homelessness, mental illness, and addictions. They need support with a specific educational project raising awareness in schools.

Requirements: Intermediate/Advanced level of Spanish.

Ways you’ll contribute:

  • Translations of documents and texts into English
  • Support the sensitization of children and teenagers

Social Adult School La Verneda

This social organization supports adult education in impoverished communities through social projects, volunteering, and educational activities.

Requirements: Advanced English skills for some tasks. Intermediate Spanish for teaching and translation.

Ways you’ll contribute:

  • Teaching English
  • Grant writing
  • Translating documents into English and text editing.

Baobab NGO Consulting

Baobab Consulting helps organizations in the international development sector by offering different services like strategic planning, project monitoring and evaluation, or research and policy.

Requirements: Advanced English skills. Graphic design and/or video editing skills, plus interest in international development and NGOs.

Ways you’ll contribute:

  • Graphic design & illustration
  • Video production
  • Web development

Centre for African & Intercultural Studies

The Centre is dedicated to research, training, outreach, and sensitization on African societies and cultures, intercultural relations, and cultural diversity, to transform perceptions and realities and to foster an appreciation for diversity.

Requirements: Advanced English skills. Interest and some experience in African societies and realities and motivation for the organization’s projects.

Ways you’ll contribute:

  • Graphic design
  • Communication strategies
  • Marketing plans

Community Adult School La Troca

Community school that offers support to the educational needs of young and adult people in a specific neighborhood in Barcelona. Enables participants to learn and develop life competences.

Requirements: Intermediate level of Spanish.

Ways you’ll contribute:

  • Translation of documents & website
  • Teaching English
  • Research international funding resources & grant writing

Islamic Relief

International humanitarian organization helping vulnerable communities around the world. The chapter in Barcelona organizes fundraising events and mobilizes youth to raise awareness about social injustices.

Requirements: Advanced English skills.

Ways you’ll contribute:

  • Support with web design, graphic design & video editing
  • Translation of documents
  • Assist with design of fundraising strategies.

AURA Foundation

Social organization that offers services for social and employment inclusion for people with intellectual disabilities.

Requirements: Intermediate level of Spanish.

Ways you’ll contribute:

  • Support with English language courses in developing class materials and dynamics
  • Assisting the English teacher in online teaching