Isabella's Life Changing Experience in Prague

April 18, 2022

If you feel lost or do not know where to start on your exchange journey, start by reading mine. Starting from Memphis, Tennessee, I had no idea where I wanted or would end up for my exchange. I had choices from the UK, Finland, and France; I never thought I would end up in Prague. The moment I landed in the Czech Republic I knew I had made the right choice. Prague is a city scene but has a tight community where you can adventure around and not feel lost in the city. Transportation is always readily available and easy to access. Locals are ready to help and have great insight into places to visit. Prague has outstanding history and architectural beauty with its castles, churches, and city buildings. Every time students turn a corner something new to see awaits.

Arriving at University of New York in Prague, I could not be happier. Class sizes are perfect, and students can interact with professors and other students. Students are truly able to give their input and ideas during class time. With students from all over the world, at UNYP students can see a different side of their major they may not get to see at home. UNYP provides Erasmus students with all the resources they would need. With a computer lab, library, student support, counseling, and much more students can reach out and get their needs resolved effecitly. UNYP quickly gets students connected with each other through orientation and university clubs and strives to make exchange experiences fit every individual’s desires.

Three months into study abroad, my life has been forever changed. Prague not only has given me some of my best friends but has opened my mind to new cultural and a new outlook on life itself. I would never think I would connect with more than 20+ people during my studies. For the last three months, our group has traveled to countries like Poland, Austria, Hungry, Germany, Italy, France, Croatia, and many more. Prague is centrally located making travel easy by train and flights. I recommend using Airbnb or hostels to find a place to stay when traveling. While getting to travel with each other, we truly got to know each other on a deeper level. Since our group has many different nationalities, everyone completely immerses themselves in language practice, cultural, traditions, and new social atmospheres. Meeting people along the way we have been able to see firsthand insight on global events.

Overall, Prague and UNYP provide a great place to see the world, take in new culture, finding new interests, lifelong friends, and personal development. I have been able to grow as a student becoming more independent and confident in my personal life and studies. Even though being away from home can be overwhelming, Prague has become a home away from home. I could not express enough to take a jump and come to Prague.

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