At ISEP Study Abroad, our first job is to break down barriers to make the life-changing experience of cross-cultural education accessible and affordable for everyone. With more than 300 partnerships in over 50 countries, we know it can be hard to know where to start. We suggest looking at our program finder to start get a better sense of what ISEP programs are available to you through your home institution.

If your home institution is listed here as an ISEP affiliate university, that means you will study abroad on an ISEP Direct program! If your home institution is listed as an ISEP Host Institution, there are two different ways you can study abroad through ISEP.

ISEP Direct

ISEP Direct programs are available to all students regardless of your home institution. With ISEP Direct, you are guaranteed placement at your destination of choice as long as you meet the program’s eligibility requirements. There are Direct options available in more than 30 countries, with options for every budget.

ISEP Exchange

Our Exchange program model is available to students who attend one of our ISEP Member institutions. With ISEP Exchange you can easily budget for your study abroad program as your tuition and fees will be the same as what you pay at your home institution! On your ISEP Exchange application, you will list up to 10 locations based on your academic needs, region(s) of interest, and the chances of placement.

Explore the options below or start an extensive search in our program finder.

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Support for Students

ISEP has you covered. All ISEP students receive support from our ISEP Global Office team and coordinators at host institutions. We’ll help you all along the way from finding the perfect program, completing your application, preparing you for departure and welcoming you to your new campus. Student health, safety and well-being are our top priorities.

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### ISEP Direct With [ISEP Direct](/programs/program-types-and-deadlines/isep-direct), you are guaranteed placement at your destination of choice as long as you meet certain requirements. There are diverse options available for all budgets and ISEP Direct can often be the most affordable way to study abroad. ### ISEP Exchange On [ISEP Exchange](/programs/program-types-and-deadlines/isep-exchange), you will pay your home university tuition and rank multiple sites across ISEP’s network on your application. Exchange space varies, and the most popular destinations may have a low chance of placement on ISEP Exchange.

How it Works

While ISEP offers many places where you can study abroad, there are two ways to go: ISEP Exchange and ISEP Direct. Both program types offer diverse locations and affordable options to suit your academic needs. The best program type for you depends on your host institution and your desired site.