By studying abroad on ISEP Exchange, you pay your tuition and fees to your home institution and open up a spot for someone to come learn at your university. Choose up to 10 colleges and universities and we’ll place you at the best option depending on exchange space and your academic needs. Just make sure you apply before our priority deadlines to get placed at one of your top picks.


Your home institution must be an ISEP member to participate in ISEP Exchange.


ISEP Exchange has programs in over 50 countries on six continents. Explore your options.


All ISEP Exchange programs allow you to live and learn alongside locals for a uniquely immersive experience. You’ll be able to access high-quality courses in any field of study and find programs with these features:

Included in ALL Programs Included in Some Programs
ISEP Student Insurance* Excursions
24-Hour emergency support Internships
Visa support Volunteer opportunities
Academic advising Community engagement programs
Orientation Service-learning courses
Housing and meals Airport pick up
Transcript and credit transfer

*ISEP Student Insurance is an additional cost

Student Support

A local coordinator from your ISEP Exchange host institution will help you settle in, provide an orientation, assist with registration and be available for counseling.

Application Process

You can select up to 10 ISEP Exchange universities and we’ll place you at the best option depending on ISEP Exchange space and your academic needs.

Chances of Placement

ISEP Exchange programs are based on the balance of students exchanging places, so an institution abroad can only accept as many students as it sends out. Depending on demand, some ISEP Exchange host sites will have limited space. To learn more, visit our chances of placement page.

Application Deadlines

For ISEP Exchange sites with limited chances of placement, apply before March 1 or September 15 to be eligible. Check with your home university about their internal application deadlines as they may be earlier than the ISEP deadline.

Pricing Overview

As a participant, you pay a fee to your home institution based on the cost of regular tuition, fees, housing and meals, thus creating a “space” and set of benefits for an incoming student. Each incoming student makes a similar arrangement at his or her home institution, creating a “space” and a set of benefits for you at your host institution. Abroad, you receive the same set of ISEP benefits covered by the fees that the outgoing student paid to their home (your host) university, when he or she swapped spots.

Please note on exchange, due to differences in cost of living across the global membership, housing and meal benefits are always equivalent, but rarely, if ever equal. Students on exchange always receive housing for the full dates of the program, including 19-21 meals per week. Housing types and benefits at home versus host university are not equal in terms of monetary amount due to variability in scales of economy, government subsidies, location, cost of living, etc.

Financial Aid & Scholarships

On ISEP Exchange, almost all federal, state, institutional and outside financial aid will transfer to your ISEP program. Work-study grants may not be applied.

See More on Scholarships & Financial Aid

Program Costs & Fees

On ISEP Exchange, you’ll pay an application fee and a program fee to your home institution based on the cost of tuition, fees, housing, and a full meal plan at your home institution. For many students, ISEP Exchange is the most affordable way for them to study abroad.

Fee Type Amount Information & Refund Policy
ISEP Exchange Application Fee US$100 When applying for ISEP Exchange, a non-refundable application fee of US$100 is due with your application.
ISEP Exchange Placement Fee US$425 This non-refundable fee is due at the time when you accept your placement. This fee covers the cost of customized matching and placement conducted by ISEP staff.
ISEP Exchange Program Fee (for a full year, semester or summer program) Determined by your home institution This fee is paid directly to your home institution and is based on the cost of living and tuition at your home institution. It covers tuition, fees, housing, 19 meals per week, pre-departure orientation, arrival orientation and general student services at your host institution. Financial aid applies in most cases.
ISEP Exchange Placement Extension Fee US$100 Payable if you decide to extend your ISEP Exchange placement from a semester to a full-year placement. The fee should be submitted with our request for extension documentation, which can be found in your student portal.
Academic Training Processing Fee (for J-1 visa students only) US$150* Payable if you decide to participate in Academic Training. The fee is submitted with your Request for J-1 Academic Training Authorization form.*An additional $50 fee is applied to those who miss the deadline to complete the ISEP Academic Training Request Form. Please review the form for more details and contact your ISEP Student Services Officer with any questions.

Please talk to your campus ISEP Coordinator for complete details on fees and payment procedures. Personal checks from students are acceptable, but should always be submitted to the on-campus ISEP Coordinator. A fee of US$30 will be assessed for returned checks. Applications are not processed until the applications fee is received.

Note: Application fees will be refunded in the case of applicants who are reservists and are called for active-duty military service.

ISEP Student Withdrawal Policy