Study abroad through the largest international exchange community!

ISEP Exchange offers more programs, more academic options, and more locations than any other study abroad opportunity. On ISEP Exchange, you’ll be part of a 40+ year tradition of global cooperation, sustainable travel, and equitable opportunities. Students around the world participate in this unique program, creating access for each other to experience another country and culture as part of ISEP’s global community.


ISEP Exchange students pay their home university cost for their tuition, housing, and meals. That means it costs about the same to go abroad as it does to study at your university now! You’ll just need to factor in a few extra fees for travel, a visa, your application, and insurance expenses.

Accessible for All

ISEP exchange placements are available to students in every major and with any language level. Students around the world are eligible for ISEP Exchange, and your participation opens a spot on your campus for an international student to study at your university.

Immersive Experiences & Life-Long Friendships

On an ISEP Exchange program, you’ll be fully immersed at your host university, taking classes taught by local faculty, with local and international students. You’ll have access to all your host community offers, including student activities and social events. As an ISEP student, it’s easy to make friends from around the world and develop lasting personal and professional connections.

How ISEP Exchange Works

Application & Placement Process

  • An expert ISEP Student Services Officer will help you find programs that fit your academic needs and personal goals. Some programs have a higher chance of placement and others are more competitive. Your ISEP Student Services Officer will help you build a list so you have the best chance of placement.
  • A dedicated ISEP coordinator at your home university assists with your application and helps you prepare to go abroad.
  • After you submit a complete application, ISEP uses an equitable algorithm system to place the most students as possible at the institutions that are listed the highest on their application.
  • Next, ISEP will place you at one of your selected programs. Then the host institution reviews your application. Once you are approved, you sign your contract and start preparing for your study abroad adventure.
  • When you arrive abroad, you will be welcomed and supported on-site by your host coordinator and your host university

How much does it cost?

  • You pay your home institution for tuition & fees, housing, and meals. Talk to your ISEP coordinator at your home institution to understand exactly what you will need to pay.
  • You’ll also want to factor in a few other expenses, including flights, a visa and passport, health insurance, the ISEP application fee, and the placement fee.
  • If you are from the United States, it is possible for you to transfer your Federal, state, and institutional aid towards your ISEP Exchange program. Set up a meeting with your home institution’s financial aid office to learn the details.
  • Work with your ISEP coordinator to build a sample budget for an ISEP Exchange Program using this template.

What’s Included

  • Meals, housing, and tuition are all included and provided by your host institution
  • Support from a local onsite host coordinator employed by your host institution, including an on-site orientation
  • Classes with locals (except for language programs), taught by local faculty
  • Access to all that your host institution offers, including academic services, libraries, campus facilities, and more

Program Costs & Fees

Fee Type Amount Information & Refund Policy
ISEP Exchange Application Fee US$100 When applying for ISEP Exchange, a non-refundable application fee of US$100 is due with your application.
ISEP Exchange Placement Fee US$450 This non-refundable fee is due at the time when you accept your placement. This fee covers the cost of customized matching and placement conducted by ISEP staff.
ISEP Exchange Program Fee (for a full year, semester or summer program) Determined by your home institution This fee is paid directly to your home institution and is based on the cost of living and tuition at your home institution. It covers tuition, fees, housing, 19 meals per week, pre-departure orientation, arrival orientation and general student services at your host institution. Financial aid applies in most cases.
ISEP Exchange Placement Extension Fee US$100 Payable if you decide to extend your ISEP Exchange placement from a semester to a full-year placement. The fee should be submitted with our request for extension documentation, which can be found in your student portal.
Academic Training Processing Fee (for J-1 visa students only) US$150 Payable if you decide to participate in Academic Training. The fee is submitted with your Request for J-1 Academic Training Authorization form.*An additional $50 fee is applied to those who miss the deadline to complete the ISEP Academic Training Request Form. Please review the form for more details and contact your ISEP Student Services Officer with any questions.
CISI Comprehensive Medical & Global Assistance Plan $28.00/week Comprehensive accident/sickness coverage and global assistance (including evacuation & repatriation). Required for all countries except those that are eligible for the Limited and Global Assistance plans. Click here for more information.

Please talk to your campus ISEP Coordinator for complete details on fees and payment procedures. Personal checks from students are acceptable, but should always be submitted to the on-campus ISEP Coordinator. A fee of US$30 will be assessed for returned checks. Applications are not processed until the applications fee is received.

*Note: Application fees will be refunded in the case of applicants who are reservists and are called for active-duty military service.*

ISEP Student Withdrawal Policy