ISEP Exchange Priority Deadlines

Program Deadline
Semester 1 or Full Year Programs (beginning in July, August or September) March 1
Semester 2 Programs (beginning in January, February, March or April) September 15

Summer ISEP Exchange program deadlines vary. See individual program pages for exact deadlines.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I miss the ISEP Exchange priority deadline? Does this mean I won’t be able to participate in an ISEP program?

It really depends on the site to which you are applying. Certain sites can take late or last-minute applicants, while sites with limited space might fill up very quickly before you have a chance to submit your application. Whether you submit your application early or several weeks after placement season begins, it is always a good idea to list as many universities as possible on your Host Site Request List (on your application), as this improves your chances of placement.

When submitting your application it is important to make sure you factor in the time it takes for us to review and process your application as well as the time it will take for you to get a visa and make travel arrangements. Getting a visa can take weeks or even months for some countries.

If I list lots of ISEP Exchange institutions does it mean I won’t get my top choice?

Listing several universities doesn’t mean you will necessarily be disqualified from your top choice(s). We always strive to place you at one of your top four choices.

Is it better to submit an incomplete application on time or a complete application a little bit later?

Generally speaking, it is best to submit a complete application - even if it’s late - rather than sending in part of your application on time. Priority is always given to complete applications, and a placement cannot be finalized until the entire application is received.

If I submit my application before the priority deadline, will I get a faster response or have a better chance?

No, not for ISEP Exchange. We do not begin reviewing ISEP Exchange applications until the priority deadline in order to give all students an equal opportunity to apply. We do this since there are only a certain number of ISEP Exchange spaces available.

Who do I contact if I have a question about the status of my application?

The primary contact for any ISEP program is your home ISEP Coordinator. All information and status reports are sent electronically to the Coordinator and will be updated in our student portal. Log in to the ISEP student portal to see application updates.

How long until I know if I’m accepted?

You will receive your acceptance package 4-6 weeks after you have been placed on your program. We recommend reading about the placement process to get a better idea of what to expect.

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