Unlike ISEP Exchange, ISEP Direct programs guarantee that you get to study at the university of your choice (as long as you meet minimum academic requirements). In addition to not relying on Exchange space at your top choice institution, ISEP Direct programs have later deadlines and flexible housing and meal packages.


ISEP Direct programs are open to students from all ISEP member institutions throughout the U.S. and worldwide. To find out where you can go, enter the name of your university.


Depending on your university, you can pick from over 60 institutions in more than 35 countries.


All ISEP Direct programs give you access to living and learning alongside locals for a uniquely immersive experience. You’ll have access to high-quality courses in any field of study and find programs with these features:

Included in ALL Programs Included in Some Programs
ISEP Student Insurance Excursions
24-Hour emergency support Internships
Visa Support Volunteer opportunities
Academic advising Community engagement programs
Orientation Service-learning courses
Transcript and credit transfer On-site Resident Director
Housing Meals
ESL classes
Airport pick-up
Scholarship opportunities

Student Support

A local coordinator at your ISEP Direct host institution will help you settle in, provide an orientation, assist with registration and be available for counseling. All ISEP Direct programs include international health insurance and crisis management plans.

Specialized Programs

In addition to programs that offer courses alongside local students, ISEP Direct offers specialized tracks aimed at giving you context on your host community:

  • Language and Culture Programs taught in English: Many ISEP Direct host universities have developed special language and culture programs, offering English-language curricula in non-English speaking sites.

  • Global Engagement Program: Our GEP program in Ghana focuses on leadership development, community engagement and service-learning.

Application Process

ISEP Direct programs are not limited by exchange spaces available. This means that as long as you meet the minimum academic requirements, you are guaranteed placement at your top choice university.

Application Deadlines

Deadlines for ISEP Direct programs are typically later in the semester, giving you more flexibility to choose your favorite program.

Pricing Overview

ISEP Direct fees cover tuition, health insurance, and often housing and meals. Leveraging the strength of the ISEP network, we are often able to pass tuition discounts on to you. Planning to live with family or friends while abroad? Contact us to learn more about flexible program options that do not include housing.

Financial Aid & Scholarships

Federal and state financial aid should apply for U.S. students. Check with your home university for details. To learn how to make your program more affordable, check out our scholarships section.

Application Costs & Program Fees

ISEP program fees cover tuition, health insurance and often housing and meals. In recent years, 99.7% of qualified students have been placed on the program for which they applied.

Fees Amount Details
ISEP Direct Application Fee (for full year, semester or summer) US$100 When applying for ISEP Direct, a non-refundable application fee of US$100 is due with your application.
ISEP Direct Program Deposit (for full year, semester or summer) US$425 When accepting your ISEP Direct program, a non-refundable deposit is due. The deposit goes toward your program fee.
ISEP Direct Program Fees (for full year, semester or summer) Fees vary and can be located in the Prices & Options section of each program page. Covers final invoice for tuition, health insurance and room and board (if applicable). The invoice will appear on your student account after acceptance and payment is due at least 30 days before the program start date. Payment can also be made incrementally during this period.

All ISEP Direct program participants are required to enroll in an international health insurance program provided by ISEP. Click here for more information on ISEP’s health insurance program.

ISEP Student Withdrawal Policy