Studying abroad is an opportunity to see new parts of the world and open your eyes to other cultures. However, some of these cultures may not be as accepting of different races, ethnic groups, disabilities, sexual orientations, religion or gender. Whether you’re used to being a minority at home or if this is your first time, it’s possible that you might face discrimination during your travels. We recommend using these resources to help navigate any new situations you might run into.

ISEP is dedicated to increasing access to study abroad for underrepresented students from diverse backgrounds. To continually evaluate and improve our services and resources for diversity, inclusion & accessibility abroad, the ISEP Global Office has established the IDEA (Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Accessibility) Task Force.

Learn more about ISEP’s commitment to our students and community in our Impact Report.

ISEP Resources for Diversity & Inclusion

Advising & Things to Consider

Get in touch with us! Our team is the number one resource available to you and is equipped to help you find the best program, advise you with your specific needs and concerns in mind and support you through your program and beyond.

  • Your ISEP Student Services Officer will advise you on program options and assist you through the application process. Once you’ve been accepted to an ISEP program, they will also support you during pre-departure and while on program.
  • Our Director of Alumni Engagement and Student Success is your resource for ISEP Scholarships and the ISEP Alumni Association.

For questions, comments and concerns specific to diversity, inclusion and accessibility abroad, please email

Country Handbooks

Our Country Handbooks provide you with a great snapshot of what to expect abroad, including culture, health & safety.

ISEP Voices Blogger Program

Our ISEP Voices Program aims to capture unique stories from underrepresented voices in study abroad. Each semester we select a handful of diverse ISEP students from all over the world. Read their stories and insight over on our blog and learn how to become one yourself!

ISEP Scholarships

Learn more about our ISEP Scholarships and how they support our mission of extending access and affordability of study abroad to all students in our membership. You are especially encouraged to apply if you are a student who is statistically underrepresented in study abroad: you are a nontraditional student, you identify as LGBTQIA+, you’re an ethnic, racial or religious minority in your home country or have a disability.

Health & Safety

Read more about ISEP’s resources for Health & Safety Abroad.

Minority-Serving Institutions

See our list of ISEP Members that are Minority-Serving Institutions in the United States.

Why Pronouns Matter at ISEP

ISEP believes in validating, recognizing, and acknowledging all individual’s identities and this begins with referring to them with their preferred pronouns. Read more about why pronouns matter at ISEP.


General Resources

Fund for Education Abroad

These are financial resources for Under-Represented Students in US Study Abroad and the available funds change every year.

Global Equity and Inclusion Guidelines

These are the gold standard for international inclusion guidelines and are supplemented by a range of member only options for Diversity Abroad.

Culture & Diversity Destination Guides

A variety of travel guides for specific countries. The Diversity & Inclusion Climate section provides information on how certain identities might be seen or treated in that country.

Marginalized Bodies Abroad Podcast

A podcast episode recorded by ISEP staff members with information about how to overcome the barriers that marginalized bodies may face abroad.


Commuter Student Fact Sheet

This is a resource that outlines tips and tricks that commuter students should keep in mind when deciding to study abroad and when choosing the right program for them.

Students on a Budget

This article outlines the many ways for students to make study abroad affordable, including scholarships, grants, and using existing financial aid.

Indigenous Student Resources

Recommended Programs for Native and Indigenous Heritage Seeking Students

A list of ISEP’s recommended programs for students who identify as native or indigenous.

Native Partnership

American Indian education fund, information for Native Americans.

Center for Native American Youth

Center for Native American Youth, programs focused on education, social engagement, and support for students.

World Conference On Indigenous Peoples

The indigenous students’ education conference is held every year and gathers indigenous students from all over the world.

LGBTQ+ Student Resources

Recommended Programs for LGBTQ+ Students

A list of ISEP’s recommended programs for students who identify as LGBTQ+.


An interactive map of the world that uses crowd-sourced survey data to report on the level of safety and progressive legislation regarding LGBTQ+ identities.

13 Member ISEP institutions ranked as best colleges for LGBTQ+ students

A listing of 13 ISEP members who ranked on the American Ranking System, Campus Pride, as the best places for LGBTQ+ students to study, based on level of comfort, amount of resources, and advocacy networks.

GLAAD Media Reference Guide - Transgender

This is a glossary of terms to aid with the understanding of transgender and nonbinary identities.

GlobalGayz - Transgender

GlobalGayz is a travel and culture website focused on LGBT-Gay life worldwide.

Explaining Gender Queer to those who are not

This is an explanation of the term “genderqueer” and how that may apply to non-binary gender identities.

Transgender Travel Considerations

The Transgender equality center focuses on compiling resources for transgender individuals who are interested in being abroad.

TSA’s Considerations for Transgender individuals

The Transportation Security Agency (TSA) has put together specific considerations for Transgender individuals to lay out what to expect during travel.

US Department of State Considerations for LGBTQ Individuals

The US Department of State has put together a checklist of resources as well as links to specific country pages to understand more about how being an LGBTQ+ traveler may affect your experience abroad.

The Global Divide on Homosexuality

A report from the Pew Research Center, highlights 39 countries’ cultural attitudes toward homosexuality.

LGBTQ+ Safety Guide

A full comprehensive guide on considerations that LGBTQ+ individuals should take while traveling, including strategies to come out while abroad.

NAFSA Rainbow Special Interest Group

The website has resources for professionals in the field and for students. The group has a newsletter, organizes events and shares articles. They offer scholarships and information about other scholarships for LGBTQ+ students.

Outright Action International

This organization works on LGBTIQ advocacy and research in 6 regions of the world. They organize webinars and have the previous webinars registered and accessible on the website.

Barcelona LGTBI Center

Municipal and public facility that provides information, advice and direct assistance services on sexual and gender diversity for the LGBTQ+ community in Barcelona.

ILGA World

Another map with sexual orientation laws in the world. Its published every year with data collected from the State Sponsor Homophobia report.

Resources for Students with Disabilities


This organization works to empower people with disabilities to have international exchange and international development experiences. There a many resources on the website to support professionals and also US American students going abroad or international students going to the US.

US State Department: Traveling with Disabilities

Information from the US State Department for students traveling with disabilities

The Global Access Files

Organization created by a US American with a disability who studied abroad. Provides practical resources for professionals and travelers with disabilities to handle disability-related issues while abroad.

Wheelchair Travel

Guides and advice for accessible wheelchair traveling.

Maximizing Support for Students with Disabilities in Study Abroad

Diversity Abroad’s guide for supporting students with disabilities.

Race and Ethnic Diversity

Recommended Programs for Minorities & Students of Color

A list of ISEP’s recommended programs for students who identify as a minority or a student of color.

Recommended Programs for Black and African-Heritage Seeking Students

A list of ISEP’s recommended programs for Black and African-heritage seeking students.

Recommended Programs for Asian and Pacific Islander Heritage Seeking Students

A list of ISEP’s recommended programs for Asian and Pacific Islander Heritage seeking students.

Recommended Programs for Hispanic Heritage Seeking Students

A list of ISEP’s recommended programs for Hispanic Heritage seeking students.

Popular ISEP Direct Destinations for HBCU Students

A list of recommended ISEP programs for students studying at a Historically Black College or University

Managing Black Hair Abroad

A short guide on how to take care of Black hair while abroad.

Black Students Study Abroad: The Good, The Bad and The Weird

An overview of what to expect and consider as a Black traveler and student abroad.

Studying Abroad As A Minority

Things to consider for minority group members who study outside of the U.S.

Culture and Diversity Destination Guide

A variety of travel guides for specific countries. The Diversity & Inclusion Climate section provides information on how certain identities might be seen or treated in that country.

Black and Abroad Podcast

Recently recorded conversations about preparing for and undertaking study/travel abroad, and navigating Black identity outside the U.S.

Stamped Podcast

Stories of study abroad & transformational travel from people of color

Being Black In

A platform for black travelers to share or learn about travel experiences

International Students and Experiences with Race in the United States

This article explores some of the scholarly and professional research on international student experiences navigating race (and ethnicity, to an extent) in the U.S. For students studying in the U.S., the section entitled “Coping and Thriving in American Higher Education and Society” may be particularly helpful.

YouTube Video: My Struggles as an International Student in the US

A Nigerian students speaks about her experience as an international student studying in the U.S.

Letters for Black Lives

Letters for Black Lives is a set of crowdsourced, multilingual, and culturally-aware resources aimed at creating a space for open and honest conversations about racial justice, police violence, and anti-Blackness in our families and communities.

Traveling on a Budget

Tips for Making Study Abroad More Cost-Effective

Tips for how to study abroad on a budget plus recommendations for budget-friendly programs.

Students on a Budget Abroad

This article outlines the many ways for students to make study abroad affordable - including scholarships, grants, and using existing financial aid.

ISEP Country Handbooks

Determine the cost of living of your study abroad destination by visiting the country handbook.

ISEP Scholarships

Learn more about the scholarships that ISEP offers for students on a budget.

Other Ways to Fund Study Abroad

This page offers more information about popular ways that ISEP students have funded their study abroad experiences.

ISEP Budgeting Tools

Use ISEP’s budgeting resources to determine the total cost of your study abroad experience.

Travel Costs Around the World

If you plan to travel to other countries during breaks or on weekends, use this budgeting tool to determine the average costs for travelers to a specific destinations.

Currency Rate Exchanges

This tool will allow you to determine exchange rates for the location you will be studying abroad.


While abroad, we recommend using money manager platforms like Mint to help manage expenses and plan savings for trips.

Five Travel Tips to Save Money While Studying Abroad

This ISEP blog post outlines tips and tricks for saving money while studying abroad.

First-Generation Students

ISEP First-Generation Student Fact Sheet

This handout outlines some of the tips, tricks, and cost considerations to help guide First-Generation students through the study abroad process.

Information for Parents

This resource is from ISEP’s website and gives more information for parents about the study abroad process.

How To Convince Your Parents to Let You Study Abroad

Interesting in helping your parents understand the importance of studying abroad? Then check out this ISEP blog post for more information.

Budgeting for Study Abroad

A comprehensive guide for budgeting for your study abroad experience.

ISEP Country Handbooks

Determine the cost of living of your study abroad destination by visiting the country handbook.

First-Generation Students Traveling Abroad

Information from Diversity Abroad for First-Generation students.

First-Generation Students Study Abroad Guide

A guide from Go Abroad for First-Generation students.

First-Time Travelers

ISEP First-Time Traveler Fact Sheet

This handout outlines some of the tips, tricks, and cost considerations to help guide first-time travelers through the study abroad process.

Study Abroad Tips for First Timers

An ISEP blog post with tips for first-time travelers.

Study Abroad: Leaving Your Home Country for the First Time

An ISEP blog post with insight on leaving your home country for the first time.

Tips for Traveling Abroad for the First Time

This article from Go Abroad outlines tips for traveling abroad for the first time.

Adjusting to a Different Culture

Tips for adjusting to a new and different culture.

Religious Identity

Religious Diversity Abroad

This resource includes questions to ask yourself about religion before going abroad.

International Religious Freedom Reports

This report by the U.S. Department of State describes the status of religious freedom, government policies violating religious belief and practices of groups, religious denominations and individuals, and U.S. policies promoting religious freedom in nearly every country and territory throughout the world.

Roman Catholic Churches with Masses in English

A resource for finding Roman Catholic masses in English while abroad.

Muslims Abroad

Muslims Abroad is an initiative to provide resources for Muslim students interested in going abroad.

Reflections on Studying Abroad as a Muslim Woman

A student reflects on their experience studying abroad in Seoul, South Korea as a Muslim woman.

How to Keep Halal While Traveling

Tips for eating Halal foods while traveling.

Halal Trip

YouTube video: Provides Halal travel places/ideas, Halal food/restaurants or travel Dua(s) such as Isthikhara dua.

KAHAL Abroad

KAHAL empowers young Jewish travelers from around the world to explore Jewish identity through meaningful connection and exchange of experiences, values, and cultures.

7 Things to Know Before Studying Abroad as a Jewish Student

Advice from a Jewish student about things to know before studying abroad.

5 Things Jewish College Students Wish They Knew Before Studying Abroad

Things to keep in mind as a Jewish student before departing on your study abroad experience.

Tips and Challenges of Keeping Kosher While Traveling

Eight tips for keeping kosher while traveling.

Kosher Without Borders

A YouTube channel that focuses on finding kosher options at home and abroad.