Studying abroad is an opportunity to see new parts of the world and open your eyes to other cultures. However, some of these cultures may not be as accepting of different races, ethnic groups, disabilities, sexual orientations, religion or gender. Whether you’re used to being a minority at home or if this is your first time, it’s possible that you might face discrimination during your travels. We recommend using these resources to help navigate any new situations you might run into.

Diversity and Inclusion Student Resources

Learn more about diversity and inclusion abroad by checking out these resources from Diversity Abroad:

Additional Information for Transgender Students

General Resources:

Glaad Neutrois

Travel-Specific Resources:

TransEquality TSA

Optional Videos and Written Templates for Informing Professors:

Video Template

ISEP Voices Blogger Program

Our ISEP Voices Program aims to capture unique stories from underrepresented voices in study abroad. Each semester we select a handful of diverse ISEP students from all over the world.

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