Studying abroad is an opportunity to see new parts of the world and open your eyes to other cultures. However, some of these cultures may not be as accepting of different races, ethnic groups, disabilities, sexual orientations, religion or gender. Whether you’re used to being a minority at home or if this is your first time, it’s possible that you might face discrimination during your travels. We recommend using these resources to help navigate any new situations you might run into.

ISEP is dedicated to increasing access to study abroad for underrepresented students from diverse backgrounds and is a committed member of Diversity Abroad. To continually evaluate and improve our services and resources for diversity, inclusion & accessibility abroad, the ISEP Global Office has established the Diversity & Inclusion Task Force.

Learn more about ISEP’s commitment to our students and community in our Impact Report.

ISEP Resources for Diversity & Inclusion

Advising & Things to Consider

Get in touch with us! Our team is the number one resource available to you and is equipped to help you find the best program, advise you with your specific needs and concerns in mind and support you through your program and beyond.

  • Your ISEP Student Services Officer will advise you on program options and assist you through the application process.
  • Once you’ve been accepted to an ISEP program, your Student Services Officer will support you during pre-departure and while on program.
  • Our Director of Alumni Engagement and Student Success is your resource for ISEP Scholarships and the ISEP Alumni Association.

For questions, comments and concerns specific to diversity, inclusion and accessibility abroad, please email

Country Handbooks

Our Country Handbooks provide you with a great snapshot of what to expect abroad, including culture, health & safety.

ISEP Voices Blogger Program

Our ISEP Voices Program aims to capture unique stories from underrepresented voices in study abroad. Each semester we select a handful of diverse ISEP students from all over the world. Read their stories and insight over on our blog and learn how to become one yourself!

ISEP Scholarships

Learn more about our ISEP Scholarships and how they support our mission of extending access and affordability of study abroad to all students in our membership. You are especially encouraged to apply if you are a student who is statistically underrepresented in study abroad: you are a nontraditional student, you identify as LGBTQ, you’re an ethnic, racial or religious minority in your home country or have a disability.

Health & Safety

Read more about ISEP’s resources for Health & Safety Abroad.

Minority-Serving Institutions

See our list of ISEP Members that are Minority-Serving Institutions in the United States.


Diversity Abroad

Learn more about diversity and inclusion abroad by checking out these resources from Diversity Abroad:

Resources from ISEP Member Institutions

Resources for Students with Disabilities

Resources for Transgender Students

Find below a list of resources including general information, travel information and more for transgender students.