The purpose of the ISEP IDEA (Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Access) Taskforce is to uphold and apply principles of Diversity and Inclusion as they relate to ISEP programs, students, members, and internal staff. This means that we expand and develop the representation of staff, members, and student identities in ISEP’s operation, staff and mission. We pursue this goal by engaging concerns related to intersectional identities that include racial identity, gender identity, sexual orientation, cultural identity, economic status, citizenship and veteran status, among other underserved, historically disenfranchised or currently oppressed groups.

We accomplish this goal in three main ways:

  • We create resources for ISEP members and staff
  • Engage in purposeful dialogues on Inclusion
  • Strengthen comprehension on these issues in international education

Ultimately, this taskforce hopes to expand opportunities for under-represented populations throughout the ISEP community.