ISEP Exchange Programs

Beginner French

Université de Caen
French language and culture courses are available for students at all French levels. Courses are tailored to fit the students’ language levels and are fully immersive. This program also offers opportunities for high intermediate French speakers to enroll directly into courses with local students in French literature and linguistics. Caen offers excellent access to historical sites and monuments, and is just 2 hours from Paris.

Université d'Angers

Students can enroll in a mix of regular university courses taught in French and English to create a program schedule to fit their major and language level. Take a wide variety of courses including French literature through the department of arts and letters and French culture through the history and geography departments. Advanced students can enroll in courses from the Interpretation and Translation Master’s program. Angers is surrounded by vineyards and famous chateaus and is only 90 minutes by TGV from Paris.

Nantes Université
Excellent for French majors, students can take coursework in French Literature, French Literature & Language, Language Science (Linguistics) alongside local students. Alternatively, Nantes also offers intensive French through the Language & Culture program. Nantes is one of France’s major cities, and offers excellent access to exploring France, including Paris, the Loire River Valley, and Bordeaux.

Intermediate French

Université Le Havre Normandie
Students can spend their fall semester discovering the French humanities by taking French language, history, literature, civilization and culture. This university is the best fit for students who test at the B1 level or higher by the start of the program. Students who are interested in extending their time abroad have the option to participate in the Fall French Humanities + Spring Regular University Courses full year program.

Université de Franche-Comté
Students who demonstrate a B1 or higher in French can study French Literature & Language or Language Science (Linguistics) in this classic medieval city in Eastern France, near the Swiss border in the Jura mountains. A Language & Culture intensive French program is also available, and students can combine programs for a full academic year.

Université de Lille
Université de Lille is perfectly situated for the avid traveler — only one hour by train to Paris, 40 minutes to Brussels and two hours to London, Luxembourg, and Amsterdam. Students can enroll in French language and literature coursework and can enroll in a mix of regular university courses taught in French and English. Recommended for students with a good command of the French language who want to fully immerse themselves in local life.

Advanced French

Université de Picardie Jules Verne
This program is ideal for ISEP student hoping to take French language courses with a few university courses alongside French students. Participants have the option to teach English at local high schools and assist professors at the Center of Foreign Languages on campus. Students have opportunities to become integrated into the French education system and earn ECTS credits for volunteer work.

Université de la Réunion
On this French island off the coast of East Africa, study Francophone Literature & Language, including post-colonial Francophone literature and Creole Language & Culture. With a year-round tropical climate, you can always find something to enjoy!