Building a Budget

ISEP Exchange

ISEP Direct

  • This ISEP Direct budget template can help you estimate the total cost of an ISEP Direct Program.
  • On an ISEP Direct program, ISEP will charge you (or your home university) for your Application Fee, your Placement fee, and your ISEP Direct Program fee.
  • For most programs, ISEP will also charge you for housing, and for some programs ISEP will charge you for meals or board. Check the program page to see what fees to expect.

Additional Expenses to Consider

Academic Training Processing Fees only apply to students studying in the U.S. that choose to participate in Academic Training.

Other Financial Considerations

  • What recurring expenses do you pay weekly, monthly, or annually, like insurance, loan or credit card payments, mobile phone plan, or online subscriptions? Can you pause any of them while abroad?
  • Lost earnings. If you rely on a part or full-time job now, consider how you will make up that funding.

Funding your study abroad experience

  • Consider how you currently pay for your education. Can you use those sources while abroad?
  • What financial aid do you already receive?
  • Do you earn money from a job that you can save for study abroad?
  • Will your family provide any financial assistance?
  • Do you have personal savings you can use?
  • Could you use online fundraising (like a GoFundMe) to increase your financial support?
  • What scholarships are you eligible for?


  • Review your Country Handbook to learn more about life in your host country and daily expenses.