We begin reviewing applications following our priority application deadlines on September 15 and March 1.

ISEP Exchange

For ISEP Exchange applicants, we make placement decisions based on exchange space available at each host institution and academic fit for the student. Exchange applicants can expect to receive their placement notification within 2-4 weeks of the priority deadline.

ISEP Direct

For ISEP Direct applicants, there is no limit to the number of program spaces available, so chances of placement are excellent provided you meet the program requirements. Direct applicants can expect to receive their placement notification within 1-2 weeks of submission, following the priority deadline.


After receiving your ISEP placement notification, your next step is to complete a course list for your host institution. The course list helps us make sure that the program is a good academic fit for you. It is important to remember that your ISEP course list is tentative, and it is not a guarantee of registration in specific courses. You should be sure to list plenty of alternative course options that will work for you. We also recommend working with your home ISEP Coordinator or academic advisor to ensure you understand the types of courses you need to take while abroad and how credits will transfer back to your home institution. If you need assistance finding coursework at your host university, please reach out to your ISEP Student Advisor.

Confirmation of Placement

Next, we forward a copy of your application to your host university for your host ISEP Coordinator to review. As a membership network built on sharing, it is necessary that the host institution determine whether or not to confirm your placement. Many institutions will want to send your application to specific departments to ensure that the courses you have requested are appropriate. More than 90 percent of all students placed by ISEP Global staff are confirmed.

If an institution does not confirm your placement, it is most often because the courses you’ve requested are not available or because you do not have the course prerequisites or language skills for that study abroad program.

Confirmation of placement usually takes three to four weeks as the host institution reviews your application.

Acceptance of Placement

As soon as the host ISEP Coordinator at your host university confirms your placement, we will send your ISEP acceptance package to you and your home ISEP Coordinator. Your acceptance package will include your Contract of Participation and Medical form, and you may also be required to pay an acceptance fee or program deposit to complete your acceptance package. Your home ISEP Coordinator will need to review and sign your acceptance package, too.

It is important to carefully and thoroughly read your entire contract, including the Special Conditions of Placement. Your contract contains important program information including arrival and departure dates, and housing and meal benefits. It also includes ISEP’s student code of conduct and withdrawal policy. Depending on your program, it may include course information, visa information and instructions on completing next steps, such as an internal university application or a housing application.

Once you complete your ISEP acceptance package, you should be sure to enroll in ISEP health insurance at least 45 days prior to the start date of your program.

Please review ISEP Student Terms and Conditions regarding your acceptance terms.


After you have completed your ISEP acceptance package, you will begin working with your ISEP Student Services Officer during pre-departure.

If a visa is required to study in your host country, you should begin the visa process immediately after accepting your placement. Students should be aware that many visa processes can be lengthy, and ISEP is unable to intervene or expedite the process if you wait too long to apply. You can refer to your ISEP country handbook and reach out to your ISEP Student Services Officer for any visa-related questions. Your host university will send you an official acceptance letter if required for the visa.

You may be required to complete additional forms for your host university. Again, these may include internal applications, course registration forms and housing forms. It is very important to regularly check your email and respond to messages from your host ISEP Coordinator in a timely manner, as well as follow any instructions in your acceptance package.

All ISEP students will participate in pre-departure orientations, including a health & safety orientation and program-specific orientation, in addition to the on-site orientation with their host ISEP Coordinator. Keep an eye out for an email invitation to these pre-departure orientations from your ISEP Program Manager.

Soon you’ll be on your way to your host institution!