What is a School of Record Transcript and do I need one?

ISEP’s School of Record is our relationship with an accredited institution of higher learning, the University of Minnesota, to document and award credit for coursework completed at an ISEP host program or institution. If you choose to use UMN as your School of Record, your credit and grades from your host university will be posted to a University of Minnesota transcript that lists all coursework completed and credit awarded for your study abroad program.

Why do I need a School of Record?

In U.S. higher education, many colleges and universities rely on a School of Record to ensure high academic standards in education abroad, to adequately and accurately evaluate international coursework and experiences. Please check with your university’s study abroad office or registrar to see if they prefer or require School of Record for education abroad credit.

How does School of Record work for me as a student?

If your home university requires or recommends using a School of Record for your education abroad credit, you simply need to communicate your request for the School of Record to be included in your program application with your ISEP Student Advisor. They will provide you with a Transcript Request Form to fill out, sign, and return to ISEP. ISEP will provide the form and share your grades from your ISEP host institution with UMN. The University of Minnesota will issue your U.S. transcript with U.S. grade and credit equivalencies to the institution you request on your Transcript Request Form.

What is my official enrollment status while enrolled abroad with a School of Record?

Please check with your home institution to determine what your status will be while you are studying, volunteering, or interning abroad.

I am a U.S. student. Will this School of Record keep me eligible for all my financial aid?

Your financial aid eligibility is ultimately determined by your home university financial aid office and will depend on your student enrollment status during your education abroad as well as other home university criteria.

How many credits will I receive with this School of Record?

The amount of credits you will earn depends on your program type and length. Please consult with your home university study abroad advisor and your ISEP student advisor for specific answers on credit transfers.

How much does it cost to use the University of Minnesota as my School of Record?

For most students, the fee for a School of Record transcript is $450.

I am already on my program but would like to have the University of Minnesota be my School of Record. Is it possible for me to use UMN now?

Yes, if your program is Spring 2021 or later. ISEP’s School of Record partnership with UMN goes into effect Spring 2021. Please let your ISEP contact know and they will provide a Transcript Request Form for you.

When will my grades be posted and available? When will my transcript be mailed? How do I indicated where my transcript should be sent?

UMN will post your grades and send the official UMN transcript to the address listed on your Transcript Request Form within 4 weeks of receiving your grade report from ISEP. Delivery times from there may vary depending on whether you choose a paper or electronic transcript. Paper transcripts are mailed to your home institution via USPS, whereas electronic (PDF) transcripts are emailed to your home institution via the secure transcript service, Parchment.