Summer study abroad programs are a fantastic opportunity to travel, expereince another culture and earn academic credit in a shorter period of time than a full semester. For students with rigorous academic schedules and limited budgets, an ISEP summer program can be the perfect option. Often students who choose to do summer programs end up studying abroad again for a second summer, a semester or full-year.

Whether you’re looking for an intensive language course, a unique interdisciplinary cultural program or simply want to chose your own classes for a summer school session, your short-term experience with ISEP will surely have a lifelong impact.

Explore our summer programs below listed by country.

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Spanish Language and Argentine Culture at Universidad Blas Pascal in Córdoba

Spend a summer in Córdoba, a city that attracts water sports enthusiasts, hikers, rock climbers and more. Experience true Argentine culture by taking advantage of exciting excursions around Córdoba during this six-week summer study abroad program.


“Focus on Europe” Summer Session at Vesalius College in Brussels

Brussels is home to a myriad of international organizations and multinational companies and serves as a great place to explore the best of European culture and travel. On the summer study abroad program at Vesalius College, you can choose from course topics including business, communications and international affairs and complete in internship for course credit. You will be housed by a host family in Brussels, giving you the opportunity to gain a full cultural immersion and enrich your experience.


Brazilian Language, History and Culture at Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado in São Paulo

Study Portuguese in São Paulo, one of the world’s most populous cities. Join cultural activities and experience authentic cuisine in the traditional Mercado Municipal. This summer study abroad program combines intensive language study with culture and literature classes.


Spanish Language and Chilean Culture at Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso

Discover the Valparaíso region of Chile and take advantage of beautiful weather, beaches and mountains. This summer study abroad program combines intensive language study with an overview of national literature and socio-political issues.


Monteverde Interdisciplinary Program at Hendrix College in Costa Rica

Experience the natural splendor of Costa Rica, from marine wonderlands to cloud forests, and immerse yourself in the exciting culture of a safe, stable and democratic country in Central America. The program includes field trips to national parks, beautiful beaches and sites of cultural interest.

Sustainable Summer Sessions at EARTH University

Explore a unique approach to sustainability through projects and practices across EARTH University’s rural campus as well as numerous notable sites throughout Costa Rica. Join international peers, research partners and renowned professors to learn about critical global sustainability issues. Courses involve lectures, participatory activities and field visits.


After the Empire: The Collapse of Communism and Beyond at University of Tartu in Tallinn and Tartu, Estonia and Riga, Latvia

The aim of this program is to introduce the crucial changes in two Baltic societies, brought on by the collapse of communism. This summer study abroad program will introduce the challenges and achievements of social, economic and political reforms and their past, present and future impacts on a local and international scale. Learn about state-of-the-art achievements generated by quick and efficient transformation from a state-controlled economic system into a free market economy. You will travel to three cities hearing lectures and seminars in English on a variety of topics concerning social, political and economic issues. Special seminars and meetings with top-qualified practitioners and politicians are part of the program, as well as visits to governmental and NGO institutions and enterprises. Week one is in Riga, Latvia: Society, Politics and Economy; week two is in Tallinn, Estonia: Business Environment; week three is in Tartu, Estonia: EU and Russia Relations.


Human Sciences Program at University of Jyväskylä

Located in the Blue Lake District, Jyväskylä is a lively city in a beautiful setting of lakes, ridges and forests. During the summer study abroad programs, you can experience festivals and outdoor activities while taking classes through the Jyväskylä Summer School in Human Sciences.


French Language and Culture at Université de Caen

This summer study abroad program helps you develop your language skills while you experience French culture in Caen, a city that offers unique historical heritage with the comfort of modern infrastructure. Combine language classes with one of five thematic modules. Your experience extends beyond the classroom with weekend excursions and the opportunity to stay with a host family or in a university residence.

French Language Intensive and Recreation Program at Université Savoie Mont Blanc in Chambéry

A gateway city to the French Alps, Chambéry will impress with colorful cafe terraces, historical town center and breathtaking views. With intensive classroom learning and activities, this summer study abroad program will help you will make progress in French while you gain cultural experiences and explore the Savoie region. The program is for all language levels.


Germany and Europe in a Turbulent World: History, Politics, Society, and Culture at Philipps-Universität Marburg

The university town of Marburg spreads along the valley of the river Lahn and is just as famous for its beautiful surroundings as its impressive alumni, the Brothers Grimm. This summer study abroad program combines courses taught in either English or German in politics, economics, Middle Eastern Studies and German Studies with German language study available at all levels.

International Summer School of Economics and Management at Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Universität Hannover

Live in the green metropolis of Germany and travel via the country’s excellent public transport system all while taking German language courses in one of our most popular summer study abroad programs. Gain practical experience in the center of Europe’s economic powerhouse, Germany. Enroll in economics, business and German language classes and take advantage of field trips to surrounding German companies or optional excursions.

Summer Semester (April-August) at Katholische Universität Eichstätt - Ingolstadt

Enjoy Eichstätt, one of the most beautiful cities in Bavaria situated 70 miles north of Munich among rolling hills and valleys. Choose from a wide variety of courses taught in English or German to build your summer semester to fit your academic needs and immerse yourself in German language and culture.


Summer Semester at American College of Thessaloniki

For the student seeking a unique study abroad site in Greece, the American College of Thessaloniki is ideal. A city with over 2,000 years of continuous history rich in culture, diverse and youthful, Thessaloniki is Greece’s second largest city and sits at the crossroads of east and west and the gateway to Southeastern Europe. Choose from a variety of programs and courses to build your own summer semester.


International Summer School at The Chinese University of Hong Kong

The International Summer School offers multiple excursions, 30 credit bearing courses from 8 areas of study and an optional Beijing tour all while studying with local students. Begin your experience with a fun and engaging orientation camp that includes cooking classes, temple visits, wet market tours and other cultural activities that will bring everyone closer together.


“Learning Tuscany” Summer Arts Program at Hendrix College and Accademia dell’Arte in Arezzo

Experience the wonders of Tuscany during this unique summer study abroad program that combines performing arts with liberal arts for an intense artistic experience. Embark on excursions that will explore local history and culture.

Summer Session at Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Milan

Study in one of the world’s biggest business and fashion capitals, while exploring the city’s wealth of monuments, palaces, churches and museums. This summer study abroad program allows you to choose from a variety of topics including business, communications, agribusiness, food science and Italian language and culture.


Intensive Japanese Language Program at Nanzan University in Nagoya

Four Week Summer Program at Nanzan University in Nagoya

Eight Week Summer Program at Nanzan University in Nagoya

Experience cultural immersion in Nagoya, one of Japan’s largest cities. This intermediate-to-advanced language summer study abroad program lets you take classes in cultural studies, traditional arts, politics and economics. Take advantage of excursions to historical places, including Nagoya Castle, Tsumago-juku and the Grand Sumo Tournament.


Summer School (in Spanish) at Tecnológico de Monterrey, Monterrey

As the business hub of Mexico, Monterrey is the ideal summer study abroad location to learn business practices while improving Spanish language skills. Enjoy easy access to the old town of Barrio Antiguo, where you can find cafes, bars, cultural events, museums and vibrant nightlife.

Summer Research Program at Universidad de Guanajuato

Spend your summer in colonial Mexico, completing cultural research in this incredible summer study abroad program. Participate in the program’s excursions and culture workshops, including cooking and dancing lessons.


Expedition and Internship: Agriculture and Environment at Massey University in Palmerston North

Experience glaciers, volcanoes and geothermal zones during a two-week introduction to New Zealand’s North and South Islands. Transition into a four-week internship with various agricultural organizations.

National Expedition and Internship: Communication and Marketing at Massey University in Wellington

Spend a summer study abroad program exploring New Zealand’s successful tourism industry in the North and South Islands, and interning at an organization with a community service or social justice focus. See the contrast between the tourism oriented businesses and organizations focused on real world problems relevant to your degree.

National Expedition and Internship: Disaster Risk and Emergency Management at Massey University in Wellington

Start off your summer study abroad program with two weeks of traveling throughout New Zealand’s North and South Islands learning about the world’s responses to significant hazards and emergencies. Continue with an internship assisting with the New Zealand government’s response to large-scale emergencies. This is program is highly recommended for engineering, health science, social science and architecture majors.

National Expedition and Internship: Creative Expression and Digital Media at Massey University in Wellington

This summer study abroad program allows you to experience the urban, rural and wilderness locations of New Zealand’s North and South Islands in order to better understand the physical and human geography which shapes New Zealand’s traditions of creative expression.


Summer Service Learning Program at Institut d'Études Africaines de Dakar

Experience the dynamic and familial culture of Francophone West Africa by living, learning and volunteering in Senegal. This five-week summer study abroad program includes a homestay, an optional French language immersion component or courses in English and community engagement opportunities in one of Africa’s most vibrant cities.


Teach English, Learn Spanish at Universidad de Vigo

Vigo’s natural environment offers hiking and biking in the hills, sunbathing and surfing on beautiful beaches and more. This comprehensive summer study abroad program helps you improve your Spanish while also learning about teaching English as a foreign language. Get a unique opportunity to work at local schools as a language assistant.

Spanish Language and Culture Program at Universidad de Almería

Spend a summer in sunny Almería, with beautiful beaches, natural parks and an array of villages to visit. This summer study abroad program will help you improve your Spanish through a combination of classroom instruction and excursions through southern Spain, including trips to the Alhambra in Granada, Cabo de Gata Natural Park and cultural landmarks throughout Almería.


International Summer School at Hanyang University in Seoul

Hanyang International Summer School’s summer study abroad program offers students a variety of unique cultural experiences, as well as a broad range of academic concentrations to foster academic and cultural growth. Add-on excursions are available. Boryeong Mud Festival coincides with Hanyang’s summer school, so students can enjoy mud slides, mud wrestling contests and other activities in one of South Korea’s most popular summer festivals.

International Summer School at Yonsei University in Seoul

At Yonsei University, you can experience South Korean culture through a variety of lessons including K-Pop singing, taekwondo, ceramics, Korean cooking and more. This summer study abroad program allows you to choose from a wide variety of courses and activities that will introduce South Korea’s history and culture.


Chinese Language, Culture and Business at Providence University in Taichung

Surround yourself in lush greenery and stunning landscapes. This summer study abroad program gives you the chance to make friendships both inside the classroom and out while enjoying the best of a beautiful region. Whether you are working to improve your Mandarin, taking field trips to business enterprises, or participating in many of the region’s cultural practices and activities, you are in for an adventure.


Buddhism and Thai Society Summer Program at Thammasat University in Bangkok

Immerse yourself in Thai culture in Bangkok, a fascinating city known for its ornate shrines and vibrant street life. Choose from diverse course topics in the Buddhism and Thai Society summer study abroad program, including the relationship between Buddhism and Thai history, politics, economics, education and more. Enjoy excursions to Ayudhaya, Pimai, Surin and Chiang Mai.


International Summer School at University of Roehampton in London

Using London as a classroom, the University of Roehampton summer study abroad program offers you a variety of humanities and business classes. Take advantage of the excellent facilities and easy access to London’s museums, libraries, galleries and nightlife.


Irish Studies Summer Program at Ulster University in Londonderry

Adjacent to the Causeway Coast and the Donegal and Sperrin Mountains, Ulster University is in one of the most beautiful and culturally rich regions of Western Europe. This summer study abroad program provides a specialist knowledge of Irish studies across drama, film, history and literature.

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