When you decide to pursue the incredible experiences provided by ISEP summer programs, you can be assured that we are doing everything we can to take the worry out of applying, planning, traveling and living in another country. We are in constant contact with our member universities and fully expect to run all of the programs below.

Whether you’re looking for an intensive language course, a unique interdisciplinary cultural program or simply want to chose your own classes for a summer school session, your short-term experience with ISEP will have a lifelong impact. For students with rigorous academic schedules and limited budgets, an ISEP summer program can be the perfect option.

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Full-time Internships

Full-time internships in Bangkok, Barcelona, Dublin, Hong Kong, London, Los Angeles, Madrid, Medellín, Melbourne, New York City, Santiago, Tokyo, and Toronto have flexible program dates and rolling deadlines and provide incredible opportunity to boost your resume and get hands-on experience in your chosen career field.

Virtual Internships

Our full-time or part-time virtual internships provide international experience in a remote work setting wherever you are. Spanning all career fields, from business and law to social work and science, we connect you to a network of more than 3,000 leading companies around the world. These opportunities are the most flexible in the industry, with start dates throughout the year with varying hours and internship duration.

Virtual Service Learning

Our unique Barcelona Virtual Service Learning Program provides an opportunity to earn meaningful international work experience while gaining first-hand insight into communities with a different cultural context.

University-based Summer Internships

[National Expedition & Internship: Risk & Emergency Management](https://search.isepstudyabroad.org/Program/Detail/7bf7e752-ac72-4281-bcd7-55cd5f3955c6) **New Zealand**

CzechMates Summer Internship
Czech Republic

CzechMates Summer – Global Perspectives + Internship
Czech Republic

Summer Service Learning or Internship in Dakar

Summer Session with Internship

Academic Summer Programs


Intensive Japanese Language (4 or 8 weeks)

[Summer Spanish Language Intensive in San Jose](https://search.isepstudyabroad.org/Program/Detail/f438c79a-ed06-492a-afc1-36c81ca59bbd) **Costa Rica** [Summer Brazilian Language (Portuguese), History & Culture](https://search.isepstudyabroad.org/Program/Detail/dcc73400-9beb-45a7-843b-0d44253db0be) **São Paolo, Brazil**

French Language Intensive & Recreation in the French Alps

[Chinese Language, Culture & Business](https://search.isepstudyabroad.org/Program/Detail/367c344a-77ae-4aa8-abe4-422ca4a73fb8?ProgramTypeId=2) | Under US$4,000! **Taiwan**

French Language, Heritage & History | Under US$4,000!

Summer French Language Intensive | Under US$4,000!

Spanish Language & Culture

Spanish Language & Argentine Culture

German Language & Social Sciences Summer Studies | Under US$4,000!

iSummerMX (Mexican Culture & Identity or Migration Up Close)


Barcelona International Summer School (BISS) at Universitat Pompeu Fabra

Summer Sessions in Italy – Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore | Under US$4,000!
Milan, Piacenza and Rome

International Summer School
Hong Kong

Hanyang International Summer School
Seoul, South Korea

Summer Semester, American College of Thessaloniki

International Summer School – University of Roehampton
London, England, U.K.

Summer Session – Al Akhawayn University

Summer Session in Prague
Prague, Czech Republic


Global Perspective: Media, Communication & Culture (Maymester)
Czech Republic

iSummerMX (Global Business, Marketing Insights or Regional Economics in Mexico)

Business, Culture & Entrepreneurship in Bali | Under US$4,000!
Bali, Indonesia


Accademia dell'Arte: Summer Physical Theatre Intensive

Focus on Europe Summer Session – Brussels School of Governance
Brussels, Belgium

Germany & Europe in a Turbulent World: History, Politics, Society, and Culture

Buddhism and Thai Society Summer Program – Thammasat University

iSummerMX (Mexican Jewelry)


iSummerMX (The Aeronautics Industry, Automotive Engineering, or Mexican Architecture & Video Mapping)


Summer in San José: Spanish & Health in Latin America
Costa Rica


Teach English, Learn Spanish Summer Program

[Sustainable Summer Sessions, EARTH University](https://search.isepstudyabroad.org/Program/Detail/5e413d7e-26bb-45c3-b8ac-0f5eb534e313) in **Costa Rica** [Integrated Courses in Spanish, Summer Semester, EARTH University](https://search.isepstudyabroad.org/Program/Detail/d45244a3-6c0c-4403-b827-2a17828a36eb) in **Costa Rica**

[Arabic Language and Culture (SINARC)](https://search.isepstudyabroad.org/Program/Detail/9fdfc1b6-aacf-4ab7-b7c6-148883d575be) in **Beirut, Lebanon** [Focus on Europe Summer Session without Internship](https://search.isepstudyabroad.org/Program/Detail/ce1c1f46-b730-4c0f-961f-bfa65aaefe0e) in **Brussels, Belgium**

[Summer Internship (in Spanish), EARTH University](https://search.isepstudyabroad.org/Program/Detail/de396a07-c6e2-45b4-ab4d-e5f6256f7685) in **Costa Rica** [Summer Spanish Language Courses, EARTH University](https://search.isepstudyabroad.org/Program/Detail/7036723b-8801-4498-b9cd-7ee1d2b9286e) in **Costa Rica**

## SUMMER PROGRAMS ONLINE ### May 22 Deadline **[European Business & Political Science Virtual Summer](https://www.isepstudyabroad.org/programs/virtual/vesalius-virtual-summer)** Brussels School of Governance in Brussels, Belgium ### June 1 Deadline **[Mandarin, Business & Taiwanese Culture Virtual Summer](https://www.isepstudyabroad.org/programs/virtual/providence-online)** Providence University in Taichung, Taiwan **[Experiential Spanish Language & Culture Hybrid Program](https://www.isepstudyabroad.org/programs/virtual/pucv-online)** Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso in Chile ### June 5 Deadline **[Spanish Language & Argentine Culture Virtual Summer Program](https://www.isepstudyabroad.org/programs/virtual/ubp-online)** Universidad Blas Pascal in Córdoba, Argentina ### June 15 Deadline **[Latin American Health Care & Development Studies Online](https://www.isepstudyabroad.org/programs/virtual/icds-online)** International Center for Development Studies (ICDS) in San José, Costa Rica **[Online Summer at American College of Thessaloniki](https://www.isepstudyabroad.org/programs/virtual/act-summer)** American College of Thessaloniki (ACT) in Greece —
*Details coming soon for additional programs moving online:* [Barcelona International Summer School (BISS) at Universitat Pompeu Fabra](https://search.isepstudyabroad.org/Program/Detail/bb0c19b5-921e-426c-8fb6-d82258153218) in **Spain** [University Classes and/or Intensive English Pathway](https://search.isepstudyabroad.org/Program/Detail/0ab1e725-01ad-48da-9ff4-e045a9c06644) in **San Marcos, California**

Summer study abroad programs are a fantastic opportunity to travel, experience another culture and earn academic credit in a shorter period of time than a full semester. For students with rigorous academic schedules and limited budgets, an ISEP summer program can be the perfect option. Often students who choose to do summer programs end up studying abroad again for a second summer, a semester or full-year. Whether you’re looking for an intensive language course, a unique interdisciplinary cultural program or simply want to choose your own classes for a summer school session, your short-term experience with ISEP will surely have a lifelong impact. Download the ISEP Direct Summer Programs 2021 List **Explore our summer programs below listed by country.**

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