Happy Holidays from ISEP

December 22, 2016

In addition to wishing you the merriest of holiday seasons, all of us here in the ISEP Global Office would like to share with you some fun holiday trivia about celebrations around the world.

Four Festive Facts

  1. In Australia, Santa gets around in a “ute” (utility vehicle, or pick-up truck) and is accompanied by six white “boomers” (kangaroos). Aussies also have their own version of Jingle Bells — read the lyrics here.
  2. After the holidays, the Christmas tree in Rockefeller Center in New York City gets chopped up for lumber and donated to Habitat for Humanity to build houses for low-income families. Learn more about it here.
  3. In Japan, the New Year — as opposed to Christmas — is when families get together to eat mochi, watch the sunrise and celebrate new tidings.
  4. Every year, Sweden hosts its very own Santa competition: the Santa Winter Games, in the town of Gällivare. Santas from around the world compete in events like eating porridge, riding reindeer, and (of course) spreading Christmas cheer. Check out pictures of Santas in action here.

Have a wonderful holiday season from all of us at ISEP!

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