Welcome to the ISEP Study Abroad Blog

December 11, 2012

Hi there. If you’re looking for honest information on what it’s like to study abroad, you’ve come to the right place. The ISEP Study Abroad Blog is a collection of study abroad stories by students, study abroad advisers, and ISEP staff. We’re here to give you a peek at what kinds of adventures might await when you study abroad!

And who, do you ask, is ISEP? ISEP, or International Student Exchange Programs, is a non-profit organization committed to helping students study abroad all over the world. With more than 300 member universities in more than 50 countries, we truly believe in giving students access to a global education.

Hungry for more? Stay tuned for plenty of fun and insightful blog posts, or head on over to the ISEP website to learn if your university is an ISEP member. Or, if you want to share your study abroad story (and perhaps get it published on this blog!), submit a blog post here.

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