How Study Abroad Can Help You Land A Job

November 1, 2016
Matthew at Graduation: ISEP Study Abroad Alumni, Whitworth University 2013
Matthew at Graduation: ISEP Study Abroad Alumni, Whitworth University 2013

My time studying abroad with ISEP was incredible. I can now look back and cherish the memories made in America but I can also look forward to the benefits I have gained from studying abroad. Here are a couple of ways ISEP has helped me develop professionally:

1. Study Abroad Improved My Confidence and GPA

As stated in my previous blog post, my time in America and winning gold in debate at both a Regional and National level increased my level of confidence and self-worth enormously. This, combined with greater focus, provided me with the ambition to pursue top grades. Before becoming an exchange student with ISEP, I was achieving mostly 2:2’s and 2:1’s (GPA: 2.5-3.2). After studying abroad however, for the first time I was getting 1:1’s (GPA: 4.0) week after week. Ultimately I graduated in 2014 with a 1:1 and I owe a lot of this success to ISEP and my experience studying at an American university.

2. Study Abroad Helped Me Stand Out in Job Interviews

A lot of people think that grades and qualifications alone will land you a dream job. However in my experience, this is a naive assumption. Grades and qualifications will help secure an interview, but not necessarily the job. Candidates will need to show that they have much more to contribute than simply succeeding in exams. This is where ISEP can make the difference by helping graduates set themselves apart from other candidates and ultimately secure their dream job.

3. Study Abroad Broadened My Career Opportunities

Once I graduated and started applying for jobs, I was receiving call after call from recruiters from the sales and consultancy sector. I was told it was my experience studying abroad that was sparking their interest. However, my time spent in America on the debate team showed me that I didn’t need to restrict myself to solely working in business. I realized I could also pursue jobs in communications. I am now working for the local Government as an electoral outreach officer, which involves building links with various charities and non-profit organisations. I am currently working with students and young adult groups to educate and encourage greater engagement in my government’s electoral process. The majority of my time so far has been spent liaising with educational centres and colleges to arrange bespoke training sessions and informal meetings.

4. Study Abroad Shaped Me Into a Global Citizen

At this moment in time I’m unsure where my career path will take me when my contract with the Electoral Commission comes to an end. Yet I know that as a result of studying abroad with ISEP, I am in the inevitable position where I now have the confidence and abilities to pursue opportunities throughout the world. One day I hope to continue my education and study for my masters, possibly in America, and perhaps start a career there.

Lastly, I owe a debt of gratitude to ISEP. They have and always will have my unreserved support in helping other students fulfill their dreams and achieve their full potential – as I hope to do one day soon. Happy Holidays.

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Bio about Matthew: Matthew has a a degree in International Business from University of Chester and studied abroad at Whitworth University in Washington state, U.S.

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