Tropical Cyclone Winston to reach Fiji

April 22, 2016

February 22, 2016 - Update: Tropical Cyclone Winston

ISEP has confirmed that all students in at the University of the South Pacific in Fiji are safe after Tropical Cyclone Winston made landfall. Our thoughts continue to be with to the people of Fiji who have been affected by this major storm. Our sincere thanks goes out to the University of the South Pacific for their consistent communications about the health, safety, and wellbeing of our students and the campus throughout the storm.

February 22, 2016 - Storm Warning - Tropical Cyclone Winston

We have notified our coordinators and students that a Category 5 cyclone is expected to reach Fiji on Saturday afternoon FJT. We are working through our emergency protocols and with UHC Global in preparation for the event to ensure the safety, health and wellbeing of students in that area.

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