7 Study Abroad Quotes That Make Us Thankful

November 25, 2015
Tom Porkka_Massey UniversityA couple months ago we launched a week-long contest called #ISEPVoices. The result was astonishing. In just a couple days, we gathered over a hundred student testimonials from all over the world…and the stories blew us away.


For #GivingTuesday this year, to honor these stories, we took two student experiences (one in the form of a written testimonial, and the other a photo) and blended them into one medium - a photo essay.

The effect? Two voices, from two different parts of the world, expressing the same joy.

As ISEP student Max F. wrote, “Despite all our differences, we are all united by the common yearning for a good and meaningful life.”


“While abroad, I found courage that I never knew I had. I discovered that the further away I journeyed from home, the closer I came to finding myself.”- Linda N., North Dakota State University - University of Central Lancashire

Photo by: Matthew H., Northern Arizona University - Karlstad University


“I really grew up, and not just because I lived alone far from loved ones, but because I discovered a world much bigger with incredibly more to offer.” - ISEP Student

Photo by: Sarah W., Universität Bern - University of North Carolina, Asheville


“I was used to the busy streets, squat toilets, open-air butchers, and being the only blonde head in the city.” - Maria N., Nebraska Wesleyan University - University of Hyderabad

Photo by: Jetta B. (@theobronirasta), San Diego State University - University of Ghana and Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso


“I learned that I fell in love with climbing mountains, not so the world could see me but so I could see the beauty of the world in which we live.” - Caty F., University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire - Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso

Photo by: Tom P., Beloit College - Massey University


“I learned what it means to be lost but not feel lost.” - Cailyn S., San Jose State University - Edinburgh Napier University

Photo by: Nick B., University of Vermont - Edinburgh Napier University.


“When you travel your thinking changes. You look at the world differently. Your willingness to take chances, your ability to put yourself out there, it all changes. If I learned only one thing during my semester abroad, it’s who I am becoming.” - Anne M., University of Vermont - Universität Zürich

Photo by: Cynthia Cristina T., UPAEP University - Nottingham Trent University


“I was always a life-seeker - seeking out the meaning of life through learning experiences. Through ISEP, a few scholarships, and airport security, I was bale to seek out the meaning of life via world travels.”           - Aaron K., UNC Wilmington - Plymouth University

Photo by: Tyler H., Louisiana State University - Edinburgh Napier University

We are incredibly grateful to be part of a community that works to help ALL students overcome the financial and academic barriers to study abroad.
We hope these quotes and photos inspire you to tell your own #ISEPstory or to give back to help more students experience study abroad on #GivingTuesday.

To all our students and members around the world, this is #whywegive. If you are looking for ideas about how you can join global efforts in giving back, here are three ways to give back on #GivingTuesday.

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