What It’s Like to Study in Spain: Student Takeover

May 13, 2016

Throughout the month of May, we are featuring student takeovers on our Instagram so that you can get a more in-depth look at what it’s like to study abroad. ISEP student Carson S. from Georgia Southern University is currently studying abroad at Universidad de Vigo in Spain. See some of Carson’s adventures below and even more on her Instagram!

Carson 1

Vigo, Spain - “God bless a Spanish fruit stand, not even in season and still the prettiest strawberries I’ve ever seen.”


Carson 2

Playa Samíl, Vigo, Spain - “Gosh I love my home.”


Carson 4

Playa Samíl, Vigo, Spain - “Saturdays are for adventure.”


Carson 5

Pontevedra, Spain - “Praia Patos.”


Carson 9

Vigo, Spain - “It’s carnival time.”


Carson 11

Vigo, Spain - “Dear croissants, thank you for the joy you bring.”


Carson 13

Royal Palace of Madrid, Spain - “The Spanish Royal Palace is prettier and windier than the pictures.”


Carson 12

Vigo, Spain - “Surviving 7 a.m. wake ups.”


Carson 14

Madrid, Spain - “Dreamy love boats in Parque Retiro.”


Carson 15

Madrid, Spain - “Park walks.”


Carson 16

Monte Carlo, Principado de Mônaco - “Happy Easter Sunday from Monte Carlo and I!”


Carson 17

Grand Canaries Islands - “This place is magical.”


Carson 18

Lagos, Portugal - “‘surfbort’- Beyoncé”


Carson 19

Moaña, Spain

Looking for even more student adventures? We’ll continue our student takeovers throughout the month of May, so keep an eye on our Instagram!

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