What It’s Like to Study in Sydney: Student Takeover

May 22, 2016

Throughout the month of May, we are featuring student takeovers on our Instagram so that you can get a more in-depth look at what it’s like to study abroad. ISEP student Iina Stina R. from University of Oulu, studied abroad at University of Technology, Sydney in Australia. See some of Iina’s adventures below and even more on her Instagram!


Sydney, Australia - “In Sydney Tower Eye”



Sydney, Australia



Bondi Beach, Australia - “Adventuring North Bondi last week!”



Sydney, Australia - “I still can’t believe this will be my home for the next five months..If it’s so beautiful here during winter, I wonder what’s it like when the weather starts to warm up!”



Yura Mutang, UTS, Australia - “#ViewFromMyWindow”



Blue Mountains, Australia - “Being from a flat country like Finland, mountains have always a big of an impact on me…but still, I wasn’t expecting these kind of ‘Wow’ moments.”



Byron Bay, Australia - “By far the best thing I’ve ever done in my life! I was so excited to finally do this that there was zero room for fear.”



Bali, Indonesia - “Let’s say one of the nicest sunsets I’ve seen.”

Looking for even more student adventures? We’ll continue our student takeovers throughout the month of May, so keep an eye on our Instagram!


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