Overcome FOMO: Why Now Is the Best Time to Study Abroad

November 5, 2016

Between family, friends, football games and more, we get that you might think there’s a lot that you’ll miss out on while you’re abroad. However, we challenge you to instead think about the things you might miss out on if you didn’t go abroad. That list is much longer! Former ISEP Membership Coordinator Natalie shares her words of wisdom on how to conquer the fear of missing out (commonly known as FOMO).

You know that saying “there’s no time like the present?“ Well, it’s true. Take it from a (somewhat) recent college grad in her first “real world” job – when people tell you to travel while you’re young, they know what they’re talking about! Once you start your career, the possibility of taking four (or more) months off to travel and study in another country becomes a lot less likely. College is prime time for expanding your world view, enriching your academic experience and not to mention exploring some pretty awesome places.

So what’s stopping you from sending in your study abroad application? Is the fear of missing out on the lifestyle you adore at your home university keeping you from realizing your dream of meandering cobblestone paths through small towns in the Czech Republic? The reality of studying abroad is you’re going to be in a different country than your friends and family for a while and events back home will go on. But don’t let unnecessary fears of being out-of-the-loop stop you from taking full advantage of your possibilities abroad. If you never go, you’ll never know.

Just think about all the things you’d be missing out on if you didn’t go; making friends with people from all over the world, trying new cuisines, learning a new language, becoming more independent and so much more. The possibilities during your time abroad are endless. Also, I can almost guarantee that almost everyone back home would rather have a weekend activity of hiking mountaints in Switzerland rather than watching Netflix in a dorm room. Who’s got FOMO now?

Upon your return you’ll find that the things you once feared you’d miss out on are generally the exact same as when you left; what’s changed is you. Your favorite hangout spot will still be there, trivia night will still happen every Tuesday and your friends will welcome you back with open arms. Don’t think of what you’ve missed, think of what you’ve gained – a new perspective on the world, life and who you are as a person.

"If you study abroad, the only thing to fear missing is your connecting flight.”

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