What It Is Like to Study at an American University

April 3, 2013

Today’s student story comes to us from the quaint Midwestern town of Beloit, Wisconsin. There, ISEP student Yoann, an English major from the Université Charles de Gaulle in Lille, is currently spending a year studying, perfecting his English, and making friends at Beloit College.

Beloit, oh Beloit !

ISEP study abroad Beloit College Wisconsin Midwest
Me in front of the Beloit College sign.

When I decided to study in the United States, I wanted to be in a small college because as a foreigner, you might be scared to be alone, so you want to meet people easily. I can definitely say that Beloit College is the perfect place! Here, you feel like a part of the college. It’s impossible to be just a random student. You have your place. The day I arrived, people picked me up at the bus station and I met American students who helped us the first week to settle and find our feet. Even though I’m an exchange student, I’m considered a normal student, and that’s awesome.

Beloit College is really special in a sense, because you have a real relationship with professors. Here we call them by their first name, and it’s not unusual to ask them about their life and vice versa. I was really surprised at the beginning but it makes your classes a real pleasure.

A typical day in January: snow and sun.
A typical day in January: snow and sun.

A detail, but very important: if you want to experience every season, Beloit is the place to be! I was amazed by the hot summer, the fall with all the different colors and the cold and snowy winter. In short, lovers of photography or nature will be happy!

Besides being a student, I’m also a teacher assistant for a French class, and I really enjoy doing it. It was a side job, but it definitely helped me confirm that I want to be a teacher. Having a roommate—that’s another experience that you’ll have here at Beloit College, and I can tell you that you won’t regret it! It is another way to meet people and I can say that I met someone that I consider now as a real friend.

Beloit has a great program where each student is matched with a host family. You don’t live with the family, but they invite you to dinner and to spend time with them. It is an opportunity to learn more about American culture. I had my first Thanksgiving with them where we spent the day eating delicious food. They also took me to Chicago for a weekend, it was amazing! I get along so well with my host parents; I really consider them a second family.

ISEP Beloit college study abroad Chicago
Me in Chicago, the closest big city to the area.

At Beloit, you can’t be bored! There are so many clubs and activities. For instance, I joined the International Club. We take trips and had an international dinner where we all cooked dishes from our countries.

I can say when I look back, that Beloit changed my life. I met friends from all around the world that I want to visit soon!

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