11 Ways to Have the Ultimate Nicaraguan Experience

July 14, 2015

With its pristine beaches and lush rain forests, Nicaragua is quickly becoming a hot spot for tourism. To get more time than just a vacation, you can study abroad in Nicaragua at Universidad Americana. Don’t miss out on these 11 ways to make the most of your time in this beautiful country.

Volcano boarding down Cerro Negro

1. Volcano board down Cerro Negro and make your friends back home jealous.

San Juan del Sur

2. Hike the mountains surrounding San Juan del Sur on the Pacific Coast for a gorgeous sunset and night views.

Isla Ometepe

3. Discover the Isla Ometepe and take in the views of the volcanoes on the island (Volcano Concepcion and Volcano Maderas).


4. Explore the history of Managua and learn about the importance of the Old Cathedral.


5. Enjoy the delicious, flavorful and fresh food of the country.


6. Make a difference and participate in a volunteer trip that gives you hands-on experience.


7. Experience the history, culture, beauty and attractions of Granada.



8. Bask in the beauty of the beaches on Little Corn Island, so beautiful it needed two pictures!


9. Check out handcrafted souvenirs and gifts from local markets and stands.


10. Study in style at Universidad Americana (UAM) and enjoy the picturesque view walking to class.


11. Take a tour of Lake Nicaragua to check out the local animals, beautiful houses, islands and more.

If this sounds like your ideal study abroad experience, find out more about Universidad Americana in Nicaragua on our website.

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