Exploring the Outdoors While Studying Abroad

October 25, 2016

The thing about living in a large country is you can drive 12 hours and be surrounded by a totally different scenery from where you just were. I live in the middle of the city, surrounded by only tall buildings and houses, with the occasional park nearby. It’s always refreshing to leave the city and spend some quality time in the great outdoors - even when the great outdoors are different from the ones you are used to. At home, the great outdoors include a lot of green pine trees and lots of grass. Occasionally it also includes ticks and poison ivy. Here it includes a lot of dry dirt, cactus and shrubbery.

Jujuy is the most northern region of Argentina. It is home to llamas, cardón and some beautiful mountains. I was just about as happy as a kid on Christmas morning when I woke up on the bus to find that there were mountains outside my window. I love the mountains and everything about them. I love that they can change in an instant and the beauty you see from the top is always breathtaking.

During three amazing days we explored the mountains in this region, and it was great. We went hiking through the mountains, and even though it was close to 90 some degrees I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. We hiked through the cerros de siete colores, through a quebrada, up to a waterfall and across las salinas del sal. All of these locations are just filled with amazing beauty and great memories.

See below for some pictures of the amazing beauty that surrounds Jujuy!

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