How to Choose the Right Study Abroad Program: ISEP France Webinar Series

January 27, 2017

Want to learn more about our ISEP France programs? Check out our three-part advising video series below!

ISEP Programs in France


In this webinar, I will go over the three main program types that make up ISEP France, language and culture programs, flexible course enrollment programs in French and program offerings in English. I will also introduce our ISEP Direct Programs in France.

Course Information & Logistics


In part two of the ISEP France Webinar Series, I will go over important aspects of studying abroad in France. This includes but is not limited to, finding course descriptions, credit conversions, student visa information and health and safety. For more important links referenced in this webinar, see below:

Important Links for Health & Safety:

Important Links for Student Visa (U.S. Citizens)

ISEP Universities in France and More


In part three of the ISEP France Webinar Series, I will give a quick overview of all of the universities in ISEP France. This includes all programs in mainland France as well as one program in Reunion Island and two programs in the French Antilles.

For questions regarding the ISEP France network, email me, your ISEP Program Officer for France, at

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