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March 29, 2017

It’s no surprise that Australia has become one of the most popular study abroad destinations for American students. If you’re looking for a culturally diverse population, fantastic weather and spectacular landscapes, Australia might be the country for you.

Melissa Thomson, Macquarie University, Australia
Melissa Thomson, Macquarie University, Australia

Why choose Australia?

With so many unique and fascinating countries to choose from, the selection process can be difficult. That being the case, you might wonder: why study in Australia? It’s an English-speaking country with a culture we can relate to instantly. However, Australia offers many advantages to international students. Here are a few reasons to go study in Australia.

  • Attend some of Australia’s world-class universities. Whether you’re majoring in medicine, engineering, science or the arts, Australian institutions offer exceptional academic programs that are highly respected all over the world.

    Australia is a particularly good region for students interested in pursuing degrees in the biological sciences. La Trobe University in Melbourne, in particular, is globally renowned for its wildlife and conservation biology programs.) With abundant resources, including internationally renowned research facilities and a landscape rich in biodiversity, studying abroad in Australia can lead you toward a fulfilling and dynamic career.

ISEP offers direct enrollment and student exchange study abroad programs in Australia from exceptional institutions, including La Trobe University. Not only does La Trobe offer top-tier biological sciences and health sciences programs, its Arts and Humanities department is ranked as among the top 1 percent in the world.

  • Explore some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. If you enjoy surfing, swimming, sailing or just frolicking in the sand, you’ll love studying abroad in Australia! While there are numerous public beaches where you can windsurf, play beach volleyball, and paddle to your heart’s content, there are also incredibly scenic, sparsely populated beaches that are rich in wildlife and fantastic for beachcombing.
  • Experience great work placement opportunities. Great work placement opportunities. As an international student in Australia, you have the opportunity to work up to 20 hours per week during the academic year. There are numerous internship and work options. They are fantastic opportunities to develop valuable experience while honing leadership skills. Moreover, having practical experience of an Australian workplace will be highly valuable to both U.S. and Australian employers after you graduate.

  • Gain an understanding of diverse cultures. Australia is home to an indigenous population with a rich history that stretches back more than 50,000 years. Whether you choose to study the traditions and culture of the Australian aboriginal people in a formal classroom setting, or are just interested in learning more about their history, you’ll have ample opportunities to explore and participate in different festivals and events.

  • See plants and animals that can only be found in Australia. One of the most common reasons to go study in Australia is to explore the incredible wildlife. Approximately 80 percent of animals and plants in Australia cannot be found in the wild anywhere else. Kangaroos, dingoes, wallabies, and quolls can be seen in certain areas of the outback, but are more reliably viewed in sanctuaries and reserves.

  • Enjoy outdoor activities galore. Why study in Australia? Because the off-hours are amazing! Australia is an adventurer’s paradise. The outback has fantastic hiking trails, where you can explore amazing rock pools, canyons, gorges and gullies. There are also tons of organized sporting activities, including Australian Rules Football, rugby, soccer, cricket, golf and tennis.

  • Meet friendly, welcoming people. With gorgeous beaches and phenomenal weather, it’s no wonder that the locals are easygoing and friendly! After your year abroad, you’ll have cultivated valuable relationships and developed a network of wonderful friends.

  • Broaden your perspective. While Australia is an English-speaking country with many customs that will be familiar to American travelers, it is still a wonderful learning experience that can help open your awareness to new concepts, cultures and traditions. Study abroad programs in Australia give you the opportunity to pursue your academic goals in an unfamiliar setting, forcing you to adjust your worldview.


When you study abroad with ISEP, you are connected to a vast network of member institutions in more than 50 countries. We take pride in offering hands-on support throughout the entire process, from helping with financial aid to familiarizing you with your host university. Regardless of your economic status or major, you’ll find fantastic opportunities to travel to unique and enriching destinations. Whether you choose to study abroad in Australia, New Zealand, or anywhere else in the world, ISEP has to tools and resources that will help you make your journey rewarding.

Begin your journey abroad today! Visit our program search page to find the right member institution for you.

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