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March 17, 2017

Many engineering students are reluctant to study abroad. The reasons certainly aren’t due to the lack of international engineering programs. In fact, some of the very best institutes are in Europe and Asia. Unfortunately, engineering majors too often find it a challenge to dedicate a year, or even a summer, to studying abroad.

The decision to disrupt your rigid course of study is a difficult one, but studying abroad presents unique opportunities that you may never otherwise have. Although it can be very hard to carve out a significant amount of time for international study, doing so might be the best decision you ever make!

Why should engineering students study abroad?

If you’re longing for the chance to travel, here are a few reasons why choosing to pursue an international education in engineering could be an excellent long-term strategy.

You’ll strengthen your resume considerably

Carroll College engineering students build a canoe.
Carroll College engineering students build a canoe.

You’re going to be entering a highly competitive industry – you’ll need every advantage you can get in order to stand out from your peers. Having international academic and internship experience is one of the best ways to indicate to prospective employers that you are ready to handle the challenges of an increasingly global market.

Studying abroad is about far more than attending a prestigious foreign school – it’s about gaining experience of the culture, attitudes and traditions of the country you’ll be studying in. Having direct insight into target global markets can be a boon to many organizations. Additionally, your study abroad experience tells hiring managers that you are skilled in navigating diverse cultures.

You will be able to show off your excellent communication skills

It’s unfortunate that many people perceive engineers as being poor communicators, but having international experience will alert your future employers to the fact that you’re comfortable meeting and communicating successfully with a diverse range of people. This is especially true if you’ve chosen to study abroad in a country whose national language is not your own. In a competitive job market, this will be a huge advantage.

You’ll learn new concepts

Once you’ve gone to another country, you may be surprised to discover new and interesting philosophies with regard to studying engineering. By becoming flexible and open to new ideas, you’re building the kind of skills and knowledge that can help make you a highly creative and adaptable professional. You’ll enhance your problem-solving skills, build new frames of reference and develop the ability to view your discipline through the lens of a new culture.

You’ll broaden your perspective

Engineering can be an insular field. By studying abroad, you are forcing yourself to open your awareness to different cultures and traditions, both within your field and in everyday life. Becoming acquainted with people outside of your industry or field of interest can be an excellent personal growth opportunity. It can also introduce you to different subcategories within your field that you hadn’t yet discovered.

Also, it’s incredibly important never to get bored. Traveling abroad can help keep you interested in trying new things! The simple act of having a good time and exploring a new world can help you think creatively, reinvigorating your love of engineering and improving your skill set.

Why study engineering with ISEP?

At ISEP, we believe that an understanding of diverse cultures and a global perspective can change lives for the better. For nearly 40 years, we have provided students with the resources and support for international education. Regardless of your economic background or field of study, we can help connect you with exceptional international academic institutions from our member network of over 300 universities and colleges. We believe that studying abroad can enhance your career prospects, expand your worldview, and make you a more compassionate human being.

To begin your international education, please visit our program finder page and select engineering as your field of study.

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