Travel Hack: Gadgets to Bring Abroad

March 23, 2017

Whenever I travel, domestic or international, there are several products that I swear by. These products, although at times sounding a bit silly, have helped me conquer many travel moments that have gone wrong, moments that were improved as a result, or just made my trip worthwhile, whether the trip lasted a day, a week, however long. The following list of items are products I have used in one form or another, but some are even products that my friends shared with me that I have yet to buy myself, but that are must-haves while abroad. Take a look:

The Bonazza Universal Power Adapter

No matter what country you travel to, this bad boy can help you get the charge you need.

Travel Inspira Digital Luggage Scale

Speaking of charging, this next product I do not own, but should. When I traveled to Europe for the first time, I was nervous that my bag would be over the allowed limit before I was charged a fee. Keep in mind that typically for international flights from the U.S., airlines will charge extra if your checked bag is over 50 lbs. The Travel Inspira Digital Hanging Postal Luggage Scale is about US$9 on Amazon, has a five-star rating and comes in different colors. Check it out!

Incase backpacks

This is a brand I am very loyal to, for their simple design, but also their level of consciousness when it comes to safety and low-key appearance. When I traveled abroad recently, I used Incase products to carry my computer, passport, wallet and extras. Their minimal design is what gives way to keeping important items more low-key. Check it out at

Spigen Slim Armor Case with Slim Dual Layer Wallet Design and Card Slot Holder

Depending on where you study abroad, sometimes you just want to travel around as minimal as possible. For example, you might be traveling in a country that has a higher rate of theft, so you want to carry less to minimize your chances of being a target. Or you might want to go out dancing and not have to deal with a purse getting caught in the way of your salsa spin. We get it. So when I saw this I thought this would be an excellent choice for the more minimal traveler. The case can be found for android and iphone and costs about US$18 on Amazon.

Travel Document Organizer, Passport Holder, Clutch Wallet with RFID Blocking

Another really great thing to have before you go, especially as you travel thousands of miles to your study abroad location, is to have all of your travel documents in one place. There is nothing worse than scrummaging through your backpack in a panic, worrying you might have forgotten something. So to better help you and your parents feel more prepared, I recommend getting one of these travel document organizers. Upon arrival, you will have to go through customs, so you will need a pen handy to fill out forms, you will need your passport and your flight number, as well as the address of where you going to be staying. You will also want to probably put in any other important addresses into this document holder, like emergency contact numbers and people to call upon arrival. Lastly, one of the greatest things travel companies have started to create are RFID blocking wallets and sleeves. RFID blockers protect hackers from stealing your credit card and passport information. This travel document organizer is completely outfitted to protect you from identity theft, which is an added bonus. It can be found on Amazon for US$16.

Anker PowerCore Battery Charger

I cannot make this list without sharing the best phone charger out there; the Anker PowerCore batter charger. In those moments when you need extra juice in your phone and you want something that is reliable, worth the money and powerful - this is THE charger.

You will be your co-passengers’ best friends if you bring with you a power cord to the airport. Not only are you left with multiple outlets to use at once, but you are giving other people the opportunity to use your power strip! I have done this before and it worked, both for me and my passengers. It can be found on Amazon for about US$30, but there are also a lot of other battery charger options similar to Anker Powercore, so make sure to do your research.

Pay As You Go Wifi

This item also needs no explanation, but it also does. Wifi is something we’re all after, especially abroad, to stay connected with family, friends, maybe even our pets! Check out SkyRoam to check out their various plans. I used a similar item as this, and you will not believe how convenient they are when you’re in the crux of your travel, realizing you need to post something, call someone, text someone, basically connect with the world! Pay-as-you-go Hotspot!

Travel First Aid Kit

You never know you need this next product until you need it. Said very simply, this will save you from the pain, literally, of finding healing!

I hope this travel hack gadget addition was helpful as you pack for your trip abroad! Friend me on Facebook, @JacobGrossISEP for more pre-departure tips.

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