The Best Summer Study Abroad Programs for Art Majors

May 31, 2017

As a fine arts major, you can benefit from an international education in a wide variety of ways. Firstly, it broadens your cultural horizons, allowing you to incorporate unique and valuable perspectives into your artistic disciplines. Secondly, it helps you to understand the framework from which classic and modern art evolved. And thirdly, interacting with different and diverse people allows you to mature as an artist and individual.

If you’re looking to further your arts education abroad, here are some of the best summer study abroad programs from the world’s top institutions for higher education in visual and performing arts.

Vesalius College – Brussels, Belgium

Vesalius College is an intimate institution in the heart of Brussels, a vibrant and welcoming city that’s home to numerous galleries, museums, theaters and innovative architectural wonders. The accessible yet dynamic neighborhoods surrounding this historic school feature countless exciting exhibitions and installations – Wiels Contemporary Art Centre, Apersand House and Komplot are some of the most interesting and globally-influential galleries you’ll find anywhere. You can take advantage of Vesalius’s Art in Europe course, which allows students to visit different European cities and learn about their unique contributions to contemporary art.

Massey University – Wellington, New Zealand

Although Massey University is renowned for its environmental sciences programs, it also boasts a world-class creative arts department. The Whiti o Rehua School of Art is staffed with globally respected art historians, curators and critics, not to mention some of the world’s most influential photographers and designers. Students can also enjoy Wellington’s bustling arts scene, which includes City Gallery, a space that prides itself on its risk-taking exhibits, and the PATAKA, a gallery that highlights diverse local artists, and focuses on the rich cultural history of New Zealand.

Hanyang University – Seoul, South Korea

Seoul is not only one of the most internationally influential cities for its industrial and technological innovations, it is also home to a burgeoning artistic community. With more galleries per square mile than nearly any other global city, Seoul has become one of the world’s most significant cultural centers for its visual art, fashion design, music and literary contributions.

Hanyang University hosts more than 6,000 international students in its diverse degree programs, so there are abundant opportunities for creative arts majors to mingle with peers from all over the world. Its Department of Applied Art provides a comprehensive arts education, incorporating not only art history and design, but also advanced art theory.

Yonsei University – Seoul, South Korea

Yonsei University is home to one of the most respected liberal arts departments in South Korea. It features a comprehensive course schedule designed to give students the tools and resources to either successfully pursue a career in the arts or supplement their majors through an understanding of artistic principles. Students are given access to a wide variety of clubs and campus social centers, as well as the opportunity to explore the historic Sinchon region, where they can enjoy numerous concerts, arts installations and cultural resources.

University of Roehampton – London, U.K.

London is home to more than 240 theaters, 300 museums and 1,500 galleries, giving art students the opportunity to take part in one of the most dynamic and important arts scenes in the world. However, students at the University of Roehampton don’t have to travel far to see an abundance of neoclassical paintings, sculpture, and architecture – the university is home to its own collection of historically significant and stimulating pieces. The Department of Humanities offers international students the opportunity to access the nearby National Archives, one of the world’s oldest and most comprehensive collections of historic records on every conceivable subject.

Since 1979, ISEP has given students access to invaluable global educational opportunities. To learn more about our numerous study abroad programs, please visit our program finder page.

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