Don’t Know Where to Study in England? Here's Our Top Four Destinations of the Week

May 31, 2017

England offers a wealth of academic opportunities, but if you’re unfamiliar with English universities (apart from Oxford and Cambridge), you might not know where to study in the U.K. Here are a few excellent schools of higher learning that offer superior academic resources and a welcoming international community.

1. Nottingham Trent University – Nottingham, England, U.K.

For more than 150 years, Nottingham Trent University has provided its students with the educational foundation to pursue a diverse spectrum of professions. Today, it is truly a global institution, welcoming students from all over the world, and encouraging the fundamental understanding of the international community. As one of England’s most environmentally responsible universities, NTU has received the prestigious Green Flag Award for its sustainable Brackenhurst and Clifton campuses. With Clifton campus in proximity to the famous Sherwood Forest, it is entirely appropriate that NTU places such a strong focus on sustainability!

NTU takes great pride in offering a truly collaborative educational experience, empowering students to engage with one another and faculty in order to achieve mutual academic, social and professional enrichment. With a world-class Arts and Humanities Department, study abroad students of all majors can supplement their disciplines with a comprehensive examination of the different ways societal and cultural habits intersect with professional pursuits.

2. University of Bradford – Bradford, England, U.K.

Located in one of England’s most exciting cities, The University of Bradford boasts a diverse population of local and international students – roughly 15 percent of the student population hail from over 150 different nations. For 130 years, The University of Bradford has offered its students a top-tier education in the technical and industrial fields, and its computer and information sciences Department is regarded as one of England’s premier academic resources. Students interested in international relations fields will also find an exceptional department, staffed with some of the world’s most influential political thought-leaders.

Regardless of your major, you’ll find your experience at The University of Bradford both challenging and fulfilling. Your enjoyment of campus life will only be surpassed by your enjoyment of the city of Bradford – be sure to visit the National Media Museum, explore the Ilkley moor (which inspired the Emily Bronte novel, “Wuthering Heights”) and sample some of the best curry dishes in the U.K.

3. University of Roehampton – London, England, U.K.

The University of Roehampton is a fantastic institute for students of art and design – the campus itself is home to numerous neoclassical paintings and sculptures. Being only minutes away from the storied National Archive, students can access a vast treasure trove of historical documents relating to some of England’s most illustrious artists and thinkers, giving them an invaluable context for their own academic and artistic pursuits. Of course, being in the heart of London, students will have no shortage of opportunities for cultural enrichment!

4. University of Sunderland – Sunderland, England, U.K.

The University of Sunderland is a sleek, modern university with a thriving international population. While all students will be impressed by the rigorous yet inspiring academic environment, The University of Sunderland boasts exceptional technical resources. Students interested in digital technology will find their computer science and information technology programs fulfilling. If you want to pursue interactive game and media design as a specialty, you’ll have access to the Sony PlayStation 4 development license.

Sunderland is a great city for students with an affection for the great outdoors. With its gorgeous coastline, beautiful national parks and pristine conservation areas, Sunderland offers abundant opportunities for hiking, swimming and exploring.

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