Where to Study Engineering Abroad

June 26, 2017

Where Should You Study Engineering Abroad? 5 Excellent Universities

Pursuing an engineering degree and studying abroad shouldn’t be mutually exclusive endeavors. Although there are abundant reasons why engineering students should study abroad, only roughly 15 percent of engineering students actually enroll in an international study program for either a summer, semester or year. If you are going to successfully study engineering abroad, it is important to find the right international institution. Here are a few universities that offer exceptional engineering programs.

Technische Universität Graz – Graz, Austria

Technische Universität Graz provides future-forward instruction in diverse branches of engineering. As one of Austria’s top-ranked universities, students have access to the leading research technologies and a world-renowned faculty of instructors. With an alumni list of academic luminaries – including Nikola Tesla TU graduates are more than prepared to successfully enter the professional world. Nestled in the bucolic community of Graz, international engineering students can avail themselves of the vibrant culture and rich heritage of this UNESCO world heritage site. Its baroque architecture, ancient palaces and contemporary museums make Graz an unforgettable spot for students.

Leiden University – Leiden, Netherlands

For more than five centuries, Leiden University has offered students exceptional academic resources for a wide variety of disciplines. With its proximity to national historic archives, its innovative research facilities and a focus on collaboration, engineering students have an abundance of educational and professional assets that will help prepare them for engineering careers within a global framework. Students can also take advantage of the numerous opportunities for cultural enrichment – the school is within easy distance of the National Museum of Ethnology, the Biodiversity Center and the Molen de Valk Windmill Museum.

Hanyang University – Seoul, South Korea

Seoul is one of the most vibrant and technologically advanced cities in the world, so it stands to reason that their universities offer outstanding programs in all branches of technology. The University of Seoul is one of the top universities in the world for civil, electronics and computer engineering. With its dedication to innovation and world-class faculty of engineering thought leaders, the University of Seoul delivers a challenging, top-notch education that prepares its students to be highly competitive in an international sphere.

Edinburgh Napier University – Edinburgh, Scotland, U.K.

Edinburgh Napier University marries educational innovation with a global perspective. With 4,000 international students and a commitment to building a diverse student community, ENU offers a unique and immersive experience that prepares students for a wide variety of professional opportunities, from environmental engineering to quantity surveying – and every career in between.

University of Debrecen – Debrecen, Hungary

The University of Debrecen is one of Hungary’s premier institutions, boasting a diverse international student population of over 4,000 and an impressive English-language undergraduate engineering program. Students are given the opportunity to take advantage of state-of-the-art research facilities that align professional and scholastic resources. The University of Debrecen’s core educational philosophy delivers a solid technical foundation that graduates can successfully leverage in pursuit of their careers. In addition to a real-world engineering education, students can enjoy the peaceful and charming city of Debrecen, home to numerous glorious cathedrals, fascinating museums and a thriving theater scene.

Since 1979, ISEP Study Abroad has introduced students of all backgrounds to the far corners of the world, helping them to supplement their education with the invaluable experience of living among different cultures. With university partnerships spreading across more than 50 countries, we offer students the support and resources they need to fulfill their dream of an international education. If you want to study engineering abroad at one of our many dynamic member institutions, please visit our search page.

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