Top 6 Reasons to Study Abroad in Buenos Aires, Argentina

September 28, 2017

If you want to study Spanish abroad, you have a wealth of options at your disposal. Spanish is the second-largest native language in the world. For students seeking a dynamic cultural experience combined with exceptional institutes of higher learning, you may want to consider studying abroad in Argentina.

Argentina offers a wide spectrum of educational, professional and social opportunities for academic and personal enrichment. The nation’s capital, Buenos Aires, is steeped in history and tradition, yet ranks as one of the most progressive and globally significant metropolitan cities in Latin America. With its gorgeous geography, thriving arts center and top-ranking universities, Buenos Aires offers students of all disciplines a unique and valuable scholastic resource for both undergraduate and graduate studies. Here are a few reasons why Buenos Aires, Argentina may be a fantastic region for your academic goals.

1. Buenos Aires is a foodie paradise

Argentina is internationally-renowned for its extraordinary cuisine. Although Buenos Aires is famous for its premium quality beef, there are numerous delicious non-beef options enjoyed in the region, including lentejas (savory lentil stew), smoky and slightly crispy provoleta cheese, french fries (or anything) drizzled in chimichurri sauce, tartas saladas (flaky pastry filled with vegetables) and enough desserts to satisfy the most ravenous sweet tooth! (It is said that the Argentinean ice cream is superior even to gelato.)

2. Buenos Aires has a vibrant festival culture

Every year, Buenos Aires hosts a huge selection of exciting festivals, including tango festivals, film festivals, gaucho and agricultural fairs and Fashion Buenos Aires, to name a few. The tango culture is so important, in fact, that it’s not unusual to see highly skilled tango dancers spontaneously break into a routine on the street!

3. Buenos Aires is socially and culturally diverse

Argentina is a mix of indigenous, African, European and Middle Eastern cultures, creating a unique and vibrant population. Buenos Aires is also one of Latin America’s most inclusive cities – it has a thriving LGBT community, and hosts the Marcha del Orgullo Gay (Gay Pride Parade) every November.

4. Buenos Aires combines historic preservation with modern infrastructure

While there is no shortage of historic sites and customs, Buenos Aires has a highly advanced infrastructure, making travel easy and convenient. The public transportation may be superior to that of many major cities in the U.S.!

5. Buenos Aires offers access to penguins

While penguins are mainly only visible in zoos, a few penguins may travel to Mar del Plata during exceptionally cold winters. However, the public transportation systems in Buenos Aires are so good that you can easily take a brief trip to Puerto Deseado in Patagonia, Santa Cruz, where colonies of Magellanic penguins can still be spotted, although their population is in decline.

6. Buenos Aires has excellent academic opportunities

The Universidad del Salvador, an ISEP member school, is a Buenos Aires institution and among the most respected global Jesuit universities in the country. It has a top-ranking Spanish language and literature program and excellent international/global studies programs - offering students seeking careers in foreign relations exceptional academic and professional resources. With strong collaborative efforts with international institutions, the Universidad del Salvador gives students access to wonderful options for participation in global projects. In addition, the business programs at Universidad del Salvador are among the best in the world. International business education offers insight into different social, cultural and economic trends, as well as significant professional advantages.


Since 1979, we have offered students from all geographic and socio-economic backgrounds the opportunity to pursue an education without borders. Offering access to more than 300 member institutions in over 50 countries, ISEP connects students to boundless academic resources, and helps to foster an understanding of and appreciation for diverse cultures.

For more information about ISEP study abroad programs, please visit our program search page to find the right member institution for you.

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