Study Abroad Adventures: From Wisconsin To Northern Ireland

November 30, 2017

The transition to university life in Northern Ireland has been amazing and memorable.

The people in this country are very welcoming. There are different types of university accommodations and better food. The different atmosphere in general summarizes why university life in this country is, in many ways, better than college life back home.

One thing that Northern Ireland definitely has over Wisconsin is the scenery. The gorgeous sunsets and lush green hills are incomparable. Giant’s Causeway, Mussenden Temple and the entire Antrim Coast are my favorite sites here.

As for culture shock, there are subtle differences in slang, hand gestures, driving laws and of course accents. In the UK the peace sign gesture is very offensive where in the U.S. it is welcoming. What an American would call french fries, they call chips here. Potato chips are called crisps. Girls can be referred to as birds. Jeans are called trousers. Pants are, well I’m sure you can figure that out. Two weird things are that UK motorists drive on the left side of the road and driving/parking half on the sidewalk is totally acceptable.

The transition into my new university life has been paired with a fantastic Game of Thrones Tour as well as a visit to the Titanic Belfast museum. These two activities are a must do for anyone remotely interested in Game of Thrones or the Titanic. Also, fish and chips in Belfast are incredibly delicious!

If you decide to make the life changing decision to come to this magnificent country, come with an open heart, a love for nature and an umbrella – it notoriously rains here.

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