ISEP Announces New Board Member

July 31, 2018

ARLINGTON, Va. — ISEP President John Lucas, Ph.D. announced Ms. Terhi Mölsä, Chief Executive Officer at the Fulbright Finland Foundation, joined the ISEP Board of Directors on July 1.

Upon accepting the invitation to join the board, Mölsä commented, “As a former ISEP student, as a former ISEP Coordinator and as a life-long champion for international education, it is a privilege for me to join the ISEP Board.”

“Terhi Mölsä’s experience as a non-profit executive, as well as a consultant, trainer and curriculum developer on strategic leadership and management in international education, will inform Board discussion on these topics,” said John Lucas. “In addition, her perspective as someone who has benefitted from an ISEP exchange will be most helpful as we continue to build our alumni and outreach efforts.”

With nearly 30 years of professional experience in higher education internationalization, Mölsä served in various capacities at the University of Tampere and Finnish Ministry of Education agencies prior to joining Fulbright Finland where she became the Executive Director in 2002 and the CEO of the new Fulbright Finland Foundation in 2016. She is the Past Chair of the European Fulbright Directors and serves on Boards and in leadership positions both in Finland and internationally.

ISEP’s Board of Directors is comprised of university presidents, faculty members, senior leaders in international education and non-profit and business leaders dedicated to ISEP’s core values of accessibility, diversity, affordability, quality and collaboration in international education. Their commitment to ISEP’s mission of facilitating student mobility for academic and cross-cultural learning is unparalleled. Board members have experience living and working in Asia, Australia, Europe and North and South America, reflecting the global diversity of the ISEP community.

Press contact: Mary Catherine Chase, Director of Communications and Strategic Partnerships at

About ISEP: ISEP is the largest study abroad network in the world, dedicated to helping students overcome the financial and academic barriers to study abroad. Through ISEP, students build real connections and gain a true understanding of what it is like to live in another culture. By utilizing existing academic resources at our partner universities, we are able to provide students access to affordable, high-quality programs, that in return help develop culturally sensitive skill sets needed for today’s global workforce.

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