From Application to Arrival: My Journey to Studying Abroad in Southern California

October 4, 2018

When I heard of the opportunity my home university (Massey University) offers to study abroad, I immediately did my research and signed up. I went to every meeting and spent hours on the website picturing the different places I could travel to.

However, from past experience I noticed a lot of people give up halfway through their application process. You have to be determined and really want it. There are for sure many challenges you will need to overcome, and this actually helps prepare you for the challenges you may need to face while abroad. Take this from me, I already know the hard days were worth pushing through and I haven’t even started school yet.

I applied to schools that were closest to my family in California and that would benefit my degree in marketing and media. When I was finally placed at California State University, San Marcos, I was so happy! I’m excited for California’s warm weather and art culture because I really like photography and wanted to see if I could learn something different by living there.

Watch my vlog about my ISEP application process:

Listening to people’s stories from when they were young is so interesting to me, and sometimes I feel like their lives are more interesting than mine. I came to the conclusion that I have to put myself in the situation to have stories to tell. If I don’t get out of my comfort zone I won’t have any stories to share when I’m older! Lately I have had a “just do it” attitude. I’m usually very much of an overthinker but this change of mindset has been liberating and opened my life to more possibilities and so far I’m living a dream!

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