Why Eastern Pennsylvania is the Perfect Place to Study Abroad in the U.S.

October 29, 2018

East Stroudsburg University is now my home for the entire year and it’s the best place I could’ve asked for. Located in eastern Pennsylvania, ESU is a rather small campus where students are “warriors” and wear red, gray and black matching outfits. And as a proper exchange student from France, I want to discover as many places as possible in the U.S. And what’s a better way to achieve this “American Dream” than living in Pennsylvania and exploring around?

Here are the reasons why eastern Pennsylvania, especially ESU, is definitely the perfect place to study abroad in the United States:

New York City is just right here.

Indeed, depending on where you are in Pennsylvania, the Big Apple can be very close. For example, I am just at a bit more than one hour and half from the Empire State Building. This asset allows me to go easily to NYC during weekends and even just to go for a day trip and save money on accommodation!

You can go by using public transportation but university clubs are usually proposing some trips throughout the year. This option is very interesting. For instance, with the Student Activity Association I’ve already been on a trip to see the Statue of Liberty. This is a much cheaper way to travel and a perfect option for students. Other clubs such as the International Student Organization or the Sports Management Club are offering visits or football games in NYC very soon. And you don’t even have to be part of those clubs and association to join the trip!

Pennsylvania offers beautiful landscapes.

I’m sure that wherever you are in Pennsylvania there is nature and wildlife to see. You can do plenty of things outdoors: hiking, canoeing, rafting, skiing and so on. ESU proposes free activities in Stony Acres, which is a lovely place where there is a lake and other activities such as climbing. I went canoeing there with other international students one of my first weekends here.

If you are an international student who is studying in this state you definitively need to hike. It’s a fun free activity to do with the other international students and people that you meet on campus. You can easily practice your English while walking and it makes good memories.

Philly, of course!

Philadelphia of course is THE unavoidable city to visit in Pennsylvania and I will definitely go there in a few weeks. ESU is approximately two hours from Philly. It is the same as NYC, you can go there just for the day or spend the weekend and stay in a hostel.

Now you know where to study in the U.S.!

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