How It Works

ISEP Exchange is a unique program because it depends on our students to create space, and for that reason, depending on demand, it can affect the number of students who can go to a particular site.

Chances of placement are subject to change from one semester cycle to the next, and may change daily for non-U.S. sites within a placement cycle as students continue to be placed.

For ISEP Exchange programs, the number of placements available for incoming applicants is based on the number of students from that institution going out on ISEP Exchange programs. Each institution indicates to ISEP Staff their best projected estimates of outbound exchange activity, but these are also subject to change.

Chances of Placement Guide

While searching for ISEP Exchange sites, it is important to check each program’s chances of placement. Use this guide below to understand the differences of placement.

Chances of Placement Description
Excellent Due to strong numbers of outbound exchange activity, this site usually has more placements available than the number of applicants requesting it. This site may also have ample placements available for applicants who list it as an alternative choice or those who apply after the priority deadline. It may be possible for multiple students from the same home institution to be placed at the same host site.
Very Good/ Good Between Excellent and Fair, this site usually can accommodate the majority of applicants requesting it.
Fair This site can usually accommodate about half of the number of applicants requesting it.
Limited/ Very Limited Due to the higher volume of incoming applicants in comparison with the lower number of outbound exchange spaces, this site usually cannot accommodate all the applicants requesting it. Usually all space is filled by the priority deadline. Many applicants may be placed at one of their alternative choices or asked to consider other options. In fairness to the entire ISEP community, it is unlikely for more than one candidate from the same home institution to receive exchange placements at the same host site.
Closed This site cannot accept any applicants this round. Please do not apply.

Our Promise

Our goal is to place you at one of your top four choices. For this reason, it is essential that you review your preferred site’s academic and language proficiency requirements. If you do not meet a site’s requirements, your chances of being selected and placed there will be limited.

To increase your chance of placement at one of your top four choices, be sure to include at least one institution with a “good” (or better) chance of placement.

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