Our Team

Ariel Klein

Student Services Coordinator | Africa & The Middle East, Canada, Latin America, The Netherlands and Southern Europe

Ariel is excited to serve as the ISEP Student Services Coordinator for the Americas, Africa & The Middle East, The Netherlands and Southern Europe. In this role, Ariel is the primary point of contact for students regarding academic, personal, cultural, visa or logistical matters during pre-departure and while on-program. Additionally, she actively participates on the Health & Safety Taskforce at ISEP and responds to individual student emergencies in her region. Ariel is originally from Upstate New York and received her bachelor’s in anthropology at Colorado College. She is currently completing her master’s in International Training and Education at American University and previously worked as a study abroad advisor, teacher and service-learning director in Guadeloupe, Mongolia, Ghana, Peru, Costa Rica, and the United States. In her free time, Ariel enjoys making (and drinking) the perfect hot chocolate and improving her French and Spanish through binge watching Netflix.