Our Team

Cynthia Engel

Director of Program Development

Cynthia joined ISEP in January 2022 to ignite and expand ISEP’s Direct Program Portfolio. Cynthia brings 20+ years of student affairs and global education experience from across the spectrum of education abroad including working for private program providers, the university sector and a community college. Cynthia thrives off the opportunity to work at the intersection of strategy and innovation to design and deliver accessible, inclusive programming that ultimately expands the notion of what it means to be a global citizen. She has presented at Forum, NACE, NAFSA and other conferences on the impact of intentional program design to support student learning and growth. Cynthia earned her Master's in Comparative and International Development Education from the University of Minnesota (2000) and hopes her contributions to the field, in some small ways, carry the legacies of her advisors R. M. Paige and J. A. Mestenhauser forward.