Our Team

Kelly Chiu

Executive Secretary & Director of Academic Exchange Affairs Division, Providence University Taiwan | Council Member

Kelly is the Director of Academic Exchange Affairs for the Office of International Affairs at Providence University, in Taiwan. Over the 17 years working in the field of academic exchange, Kelly has observed and experienced an expedited growth of the internationalization of Providence University. Due to the fast-paced development of exchange programs in recent years, she and her university have enjoyed hosting over 800 exchange students, among which 180 have been from countries that speak different languages. The recent progress her university has experienced can be attributed to becoming an ISEP member in April of 2011. In the past three years, Providence University has successfully sent more than 60 students abroad, and in return, has received more than 60 students through ISEP. The best thing about working in the international office is that she never stops learning. She and her colleagues learn to solve all kinds of questions and problems encountered by students on campus and abroad.