Morgan Laketa

Student Blogger

I have always had a passion for discovering far off places and extraordinary things. I love traveling out into unknown lands and learning all that I possibly can. I also hold a place in my heart for living things- namely animals of all types of species. These reasons are primarily why I am traveling abroad aside from academics. From the excursion I hope to broaden my horizons intellectually and in great hopes for my future. I wish to become many things- a writer, an artist, an intellectualist, an explorer- but namely I want to help the animals I love so my career goals are directed towards being a wildlife veterinarian. This sort of field of work does not come easily and requires quite a bit of knowledge to pursue- not the job for someone confined to the city limits of their home town for their whole life. And so, from traveling abroad I wish to take in the knowledge of a place very different from mine, gain an understanding of creatures no textbook can fully describe, and fall in love with a world very few can visit.